Part 1: Anthropology & Mormonism


Renowned anthropologist Dr. Thomas Murphy comes back to update us on his journey engaging with Mormon scholarship and decolonization efforts. Join John and Gerardo as they enter into a fascinating discussion with Dr. Murphy about Book of Mormon apologetics and criticisms through the lens of a Mormon anthropologist’s life.

Original Interviews:
638-639: Dr. Thomas Murphy Book of Mormon/Lamanite DNA & His Near Excommunication


Part 2: Is the Book of Mormon Racist?


The Mormon Church has struggled with the engraved racist passages in its most holy book of scripture such as the divine curse that came upon the Lamanites turning them into loathsome people with a skin of blackness. Anthropologist Dr. Thomas Murphy joined John and Gerardo to discuss racism in The Book of Mormon and how Joseph Smith stole native culture, mixed it with racist ideas of his time, published it, and sold it as theirs. We also discuss how these racist ideas contained in the Book of Mormon have transcended into modern Mormon Culture and beliefs.


Part 3: The Neophyte Problem in the Book of Mormon


Dr. Thomas Murphy presents his fascinating findings regarding 19th Century Native American Christian converts that closely resemble important personages in The Book of Mormon. Join John and Gerardo as they are captivated by these stories and discuss the probability that these are the stories that inspired Joseph Smith’s creation of Book of Mormon characters.



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  1. Jackie August 24, 2022 at 5:40 am - Reply

    This is so very interesting and look forward to going down a researching rabbit hole this weekend!!🧡

  2. Timmy Tim August 24, 2022 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    John on 50% of MS episodes: “Mormonism colonized natives, stole their culture, replaced their language, and handed back to them a different narrative, which was the story that furthered the interests of the church.”

    Also John: “The power of MS is that we just have people tell their stories.”

    Thomas: “Here’s a beautiful opportunity and invitation for MS to elevate the voices of the brightest Native American scholars. They have integrated the reality of their Mormon experience into their decolonized native American worldview. You should listen to their stories.”

    John: WTH would I do that? They won’t accept the narrative I’m trying to hand them…..they won’t tell their stories in a way that furthers the interests of Mormon Stories. Thomas, I’m an insensitive hypocrite, could you please rip a new one?”

    Thomas: “Here’s a classy response that doesn’t make you look like a complete ass. You should also reconsider my invitation.”

  3. Timmy Tim August 25, 2022 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    So disappointing when I bust John’s chops and then he refuses to post my comment.

    If that’s the case, at least have the decency to publicly admit your flawed response to Dr Murphy inviting you to host a list of brilliant Native American voices

    • Maven August 27, 2022 at 3:01 am - Reply

      Hi Timmy,

      Maven here. Many (if not most) of the comments get held up due to the SPAM filters. I apologize it’s taken me a couple days to go through them. It’s about 10:1 ration of spam to real comments.

      It would have been possible for all those to be edited out in the first place. As I reviewed the episode before publication, I felt that it was a good thing to show the dialogue between these two men. I love that Thomas Murphy wants to platform them, but I also understand John’s hesitation to platform what may be called a form of apologetics done by the very people harmed the most by the doctrine and culture of the Church. I ALSO thought that Thomas Murphy had a well-reasoned response.

      These areas can be messy sometimes, and I appreciated John’s decision to keep that part of the discussion.

      I also appreciate you, Tim. I believe you are the one to catch it the quickest when something isn’t working or is missing on the site and we appreciate you bringing attention to them. <3

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