Hosts John Dehlin, Gerardo Sumano, and Carah Burrell interview Dr. Simon Southerton, an Australian geneticist and former Mormon bishop, who was excommunicated for speaking too openly about Book of Mormon historicity and the DNA research about Indigenous Americans.

This interview marks the launch of a new series on Mormon Stories Podcast. Like with the John Larsen and Margi Dehlin (THRIVE Stories), Simon plans to appear monthly to explore the many ways in which Mormon Doctrine clashes with modern science.

This episode covers the Mormon Church teaching of The Creation.

We will be paying Simon for his work, but need your financial support to make this happen.
100% of your donations at this link will go to support Simon!


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  1. Nancy Jarman March 3, 2022 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    I love this podcast. Thank you,
    I left the church during Covid quarantine mostly because of many of our Ward and church members refused to acknowledge that it was a real thing and even protesting vaccines etc.
    There are many other reasons I had for leaving but this was the last straw.

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