Mormon Stories Podcast Friends,

Have you ever been touched, inspired, or educated by a particular 3-10 minute segment of a Mormon Stories Podcast episode? If so, I could really use your help.

I am looking to create 100 short, 5-10 minute YouTube videos that include highlights of the most touching or memorable Mormon Stories podcast moments. Consequently, I am seeking volunteers who are willing to go to YouTube and email to me the episode link and time codes (start and stop) of their favorite highlights from past Mormon Stories Podcast episodes. From there I will chop up the videos and put them on my new “Understanding Mormonism” YouTube channel.

If you are willing to help, please email the YouTube link and time code (start/step) to:

And thank you SO much!

John Dehlin


  1. Camille October 18, 2020 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    John, did you get my emails? My address is My name is Camille Summons

  2. Lorin Young December 16, 2020 at 9:08 am - Reply

    Mormon Stories has been so important to me. I left the church in the 90 s after my twin brother decided that he need to take charge of my life. He lived in Texas I in Idaho, single mon of 2. He called me out of the blue telling me I should move back to Texas and that whether I go to church or not I should be sending my children to church. I told him I don’t believe in the teachings of the church, and my children are learning there compassion and morality from me. He told me- “you are going to hell.” Being my twin it’s was very painful. He proceeded to send missionaries and the relief society to bug me. I got letters , phone calls all the time .I was self employed managing my family it became over whelming, they had NO BOUNDARIES at all. So I decided to go through the removal of my records ,meet with the bishop in the town I was living. And removed myself from the Mormon church. Than made copies and sent a note to all family that I no longer a member of church and that is the context of the relationship that we can have take it or leave it. I had done years of therapy just to fell that I’m a worthy human being just because I exist. It is hard to have a relationship with family when religious dogma runs their judgment. That moment, I never had relationship with my family. I had 4 other siblings. My twin died a year ago November. I grieved that we never healed from our division . I was clear I could not stay in church it never clicked with me. Mormon stories has furthered my healing process, I so enjoy the courage of the people that share their stores in search for their truth. The Mormon church is toxic and sick. There is no middle man to your relationship with god.

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