Part 1: Peck discusses his early years as a member of the LDS church in Washington D.C., his mission, his time at BYU with the Seventh East Press, and the events leading to him taking over Sunstone Magazine.

Part 2: Peck (editor of Sunstone Magazine from 1986 to 2001) discusses many of the central people of Sunstone, including Leonard Arrington, Bonner Ritchie, Eugene England, Lavina Fielding Anderson, Ed Kimball, Orson Scott Card, Peggy Fletcher Stack, Scott Kinney, and many others.

Part 3: Peck discusses the events leading up to the 1993 September Six excommunications, including the “Alternative Voices” speech by Dallin H. Oaks in 1989, and the First Presidency’s “Statement on Symposia” in 1991 — all of which contributed heavily to the decline of Sunstone from 1993 to present *** Warning: This episode contains some profanity ***

Part 4: Peck discusses the 1993 September Six excommunications, the decline of Sunstone, and his thoughts on Sunstone’s future.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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