Join us today on Mormon Stories Podcast as Allan and Kattie Mount share with us their top tips for thriving as a Mormon mixed-faith couple. Allan and Kattie Mount co-host the “Marriage on a Tightrope” podcast which is focused on supporting Mormon mixed-faith couples. This presentation was first delivered in Salt Lake City at the June 2019 THRIVE Conference.

This interview is a continuation of our earlier interview with Allan and Kattie where we learned about their unique Mormon Story.

Part 1 – Tips for Supporting Your Believing Spouse:

Part 2 – Tips for Supporting Your Non-Believing Spouse:

Part 3 – Focusing on Shared Spiritual Languages:

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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  1. Mw. Adrie de Jong July 19, 2019 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Wow ! Loved to listen to these podcasts ! I heard so many great things !

    Your children are so lucky ! Getting ‘The best of both worlds’!

    I think you raise your children so wisely ! Up to be wise grown-up’s. Having learned to think for themselves and make their own choices !

    For long I stated that every child should spent their youth-time (12-20 yrs) in the church, Until I found out, through Mormon Stories, the church had turned into a brainwashing machine, I couldn’t agree with my former idea anymore. Luckely President Nelson is slowly making changes, which truly makes me hopefull ! I’m looking forward to be able to agree with my statement again.

    In the church there are so many ways to find your talents and interests and have a way to share or display them. Also to learn to speech and organise happenings, are strong tools to build up a healthy society when they’re grown-up !. Once learned to organise happenings yourself it’s easier to understand the effort one makes to realise a happening in the world outside the church, and do understand better when it fails. It’s a great thing to become a matured person: understand more, judge less ! And having had a youth to look back upon, where you once did all these kind of things, gives one selfconfidence and knows how to be helpfull if needed.

    So great Allan is supportive and both with Kattie creates a place where the own choice is respected !

    Right now the right mental attitude is still needed, Maybe the church could do some excercising ‘Attitudinal Healing Principles’ in their lesson-books: To learn we are ‘love’ and to truly learn to realise that each child is a child of God and has right to be loved and respected, and has right to be expected to love and respect others !

    But if they won’t do that, it would be a great help if everyone listens to this podcast and learn from the things you shared here ! It was great to listen to !!!!!!

    Mw. Adrie de Jong
    The Netherlands

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