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Content warning: Suicidal ideation, Drug addiction

Tani Berlo was raised in Australia as a biracial Mormon of Maori descent. Showing an early love for history, Tani asked many questions of her LDS seminary teacher regarding science and history that caused concern. This included questioning the validity of the “Lamanite” identity (from the Book of Mormon) handed to her as a descendent of the Maori people.

Later in Tani’s teenage years she was shamed by her LDS church leaders for normative sexual exploration, and was ultimately summoned to a disciplinary council where she was asked sexually explicit questions by multiple men, and was disfellowshipped by the church. This led to significant sexual shame as a temple married Latter-day saint. After having children, Tani experienced significant post-partum depression and an opiate addiction, which when combined with her questioning of Mormon truth claims, led to a full-on faith crisis.

Today Tani hosts a TikTok channel on history with over 1.1 million followers.

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