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Does accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet require rejecting vast fields of science and scholarship?

Join us as we consider long-held assumptions about Joseph Smith and the truth claims of Mormonism. We highlight problematic beliefs like dark skin being a curse from God, Native Americans as a cursed and loathsome people, evolution and DNA studies being incompatible with LDS teachings, and linguistic, archaeological, and historical evidence contradicting the Book of Mormon’s divine origins.

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  1. Dave Green November 14, 2023 at 11:13 am - Reply

    A MYTH- “A myth is an idea that while widely believed, is false. In a deeper sense, in the religious sense, a myth serves as an orienting and mobilizing story for a people. The focus is not on the stories relation to reality, but on its function. A story cannot function unless it is believed to be true in the community. It is not a matter of debate. If some people have the bad taste to question the truth of the sacred story,(that would be John, Nemo and Mike in this case) the keepers of the faith do not enter into debate with them. They ignore them or denounce them as blasphemers.”

    Correction for Nemo; 98.8 % similarity between human and ape DNA.

  2. Clark November 14, 2023 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    Thanks for pointing out Nemo’s mythstake

  3. Reed Johnson November 20, 2023 at 4:16 pm - Reply

    I’m surprised that the origin stories of Jaredites and Lehi traveling in transoceanic voyages in 2200 BCE and 591 BCE from the Old World to somewhere in the Americas are not discussed. Clearly such purported events were physically impossible including the construction of the ships or should I say a submersible in the care of the Jaredites. The description of the Jaredites voyage is truly laughable and absurd. Likewise, Lehi/Nephi traveling by sail boat across the Pacific, without a rudder, for months and months, to the New World, is patently ludicrous. Wind and current conditions/patterns were undoubtedly not conducive to such a claimed voyage . This doesn’t even address the need for massive amounts of potable water and eatable food over such a length of time. Rationality should prevail when assessing the truthfulness of the BoM. Unfortunately, for millions, rationality does exist. These foundational impossibilities effectively destroy the veracity of the BoM and accordingly, the LDS Church.

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