FairMormon Co-Founder joins us for one of the most epic episodes of all time where we will explore Joseph Smith’s Book of Abraham translation claims. With stunning imagery and explanations, The Backyard Professor will explore the fascinating evidence scholars have found that confidently uncovers Joseph Smith’s translation method of the Egyptian Papyri.


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  1. Todd French May 10, 2022 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Dear John & Margie – I love your podcast on YouTube and those stories have helped me a great deal. I’m not Mormon. I’m a Gay Presbyterian in Potlatch, Idaho and am a whistleblower, who has exposed several Mormon/LDS Tax Evasion schemes to the IRS making me Mormon Enemy #1. I Love Cara Burrell, Sam Pinson, Sanda Tanner, Mark Naugle (which I created a “Quit Mormon” T-shirt and wear it around up here in Northern Idaho creating all sorts of “stalking”, harassment, molestation, retaliation, and intimidation) I would love to be on your show and tell you what I’ve been through exposing the “frauds” to the IRS. It involves Idaho Law Enforcement (who are probably Mormon Bishops) spying on me, LDS Private Security following me on Planes to DC, NYC, Miami, Las Vegas and most recently Greece and Turkey. They use Centrex in Idaho which “re-routes/deletes/blocks” inbound and outbound landline calls and emails. My USPS mail interdicted along with FedEx, UPS. I live at 5380 Highway 95, Potlatch, Idaho 83855: (208) 875-1552. If you can contact Sam Pinson and ask him to drive to my house so that he can interview me. I’ve tried to reach Sam and drove to Idaho Falls, but was followed by Mormon minions. This is supposed to be a “Free Country” with “Free Expression” and to be stopped by Mormon/LDS Private Security Firms and Mormons is “spying” and criminal in my view. I’ve had to change my email several times because they copy it, modify it, and the auto-fill will allow the modify version until I notice it. I listened to your episode with Matt Turner and Kay Burningham called in. I tried contacting Kay for months after that via email and phone calls, but never heard back from her. Finally 3 months later, “One” email was permitted through and it said “Mr. French myself and my staff have tried to contact you for months. I cannot help you. Please do not contact me again.” I believe that was “deliberate” …to let me know that Mormon NSA or Mormon FBI is monitoring my online activity and or Idaho Law Enforcement and Mormon/LDS Private Security. I also loved the Reddish episodes as well. When I watched that episode, my legal hat went on, and was curious to know why Mr. Reddish didn’t confront his Bishop and explain to him that by covering up a Pedophile crime in the Mormon Church they are now “Complicit” and “Accessory after the Fact”. I don’t

  2. Phan Williams May 19, 2022 at 7:21 am - Reply

    What a world you live in Todd.

  3. Monica Mcneil May 19, 2022 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    Will there be an audio only version?

  4. VFanRJ June 2, 2022 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    Ditto Monica’s question. Will an audio download be made available?

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