Email sent to Teal Swan’s childhood friend (Diana Hansen RIbera) by Teal after they reconnected as adults in 2010 at Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In this email Teal tries to inform Diana about her alleged childhood abuse.  This is the first time that Diana had ever heard about Teal’s alleged abuse, even though Teal and Diana were close friends for 14 years (from 1996 to 2010), and spent so much time together as children and teens that both Diana and Teal’s parents were alarmed.  For Diana’s complete story with Teal, see here.

The first section of the email below is Teal’s message to Diana after they met at Sugarhouse Park.  The second section of the email is a forwarded email written by Teal’s second husband (Mark Scott) which details Teal’s alleged abuse to Mark’s family.


From: Teal Bosworth <>

To: <>



Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 17:22:46 -0600

Subject: TEAL>>>>>>>>


It’s Teal…

I had fun seeing you again.  For some reason (I don’t believe in coincidence) our lives continue to run parallel.  I realize going through divorce is really Hard… 30 times harder with a child.  But, even so, you seem really happy with XXXXX.

So, Talking to you today it was obvious you were not on the list of people who got the full story about me and when you knew me growing up…

And it’s the reason my parents don’t live there as well as the reason I’ve not gone back for 5 years as well as the reason we are leaving the state.

And everyone who I am around a lot knows these things about me.  And you, having known me back then have more of a right to know than almost anyone.


Because it’s very hard for me to explain the whole thing without going into details that make people shut down, and  it’s hard for me to tell the entire story without getting set off etc.

This is the letter Mark sent to his mother about it.  He being logical like he is and coming from a 3rd person perspective is better at explaining the overview to people …I figured this would be the best way.

A lot of my life obviously has been defined by this stuff, and so my current life involves it a lot.  And I want to be close to you again, which will make it hard if I’m constantly trying to not talk about this or unable to really explain the WHY of certain things .

Hopefully this will explain some things you saw when you were around me when we were little.

I’m excited you came back… even if this IS





Teal‘s story… Read when you have some TIME to read this‏

From: Mark Scott (
Sent: Mon 4/05/10 12:13 AM

Hi Mom,

There has been a lot of confusion about Teal‘s past and all  because everyone has been getting little snip its only when necessary so the story has no continuity to anyone in the family.  I’m sorry for that.  So here is the story… Feel free to send this on to anyone who is curious or confused about it at all.

Teal‘s mom worked in college for a Large animal Vet named [Doc]  He is a sociopath with dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder) Probably due to extreme biblical abuse he suffered on a farm growing up in Iowa… Except some of his “alter personalities” were VERY abusive. Teal‘s mom only ever saw some bizarre behavior once with him at that age. Things she blamed on him “just being a man”.  His first wife ran away from him saying she would never have kids with him no one can find where she went.  Anyway, Teal‘s mom moved away and met Teal‘s dad … And Had Teal.

Teal Was born doing very controversial things… Saying she read people’s minds and could heal people, see auras etc.  It was an extreme enough talent that her parents (who had nothing to do with such things) couldn’t just ignore it so they took her to many psychologists as well as Eastern Theorists to try to figure it out.

They were offered a Wilderness Ranger Job back in Utah, so they came back.

Moving to Utah, to a place as rural as they did,  Her “psychic type abilities” were VERY VERY out in the open.  And scary to the very religious people there.  A lot of people sent notes to her family that Teal wasn’t to play with their kids or set foot in their homes saying she was a sign of the second coming, That LDS people believe that priesthood is only held by men, so these “extra sensory”  abilities were therefore a gift of the devil.  So people knew about her before meeting her.

Teal was always obsessed with horses.  At age six she was pretending (on her bike) to be riding a horse in the parking lot of an LDS steak house when a man pulled her inside the steak house and raped her.

Teal started taking riding lessons that summer.  But, her personality had become very different due to the church event.  A personality very typical of abused children. Shy but Strong. ( A personality that sociopaths find irresistible)

And the veterinarian of the horses she was riding was none other than [Doc] (who had heard about her abilities).  One of [Doc]’s personalities was VERY fanatic Christian.  Doc belonged to a group called the blood covenant (Teal often refers to the members of the blood covenant as the deviants).  A group of mostly Mormons and a few very fanatic Christians of different orientations who believe whole heartedly among other extreme things in the biblical order of “Blood Attonement”

In Mormonism, blood atonement is a controversial doctrine that there are certain sins,  which are so heinous that the atonement of Jesus does not apply. Thus, for a person who has committed these sins to achieve godhood, they must have their blood shed upon the ground as a sacrificial offering. Originally taught by Brigham Young, (Who believed heavily in the act, and is on record on his pulpit speeches that were recorded preaching about it on many occasions) possibly constructed from teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr., the doctrine is still recognized within Mormon fundamentalism; however, the doctrine is not presently in force within mainstream Mormonism.

The doctrine originated during the Mormon Reformation, when Brigham Young governed the Utah Territory as a near-theocracy. Young and the other members of his First Presidency taught that the doctrine was ideally to be a voluntary choice by the sinner, carried out with love and compassion. Young considered it charitable to sacrifice a life than to see them endure eternal torment in the afterlife. In a full Mormon theocracy, blood atonement practice would be implemented by the state as a penal measure. The blood atonement doctrine was the impetus behind laws in the territory and state of Utah allowing capital punishment by firing squad or decapitation. Though people in Utah were executed by firing squad for capital crimes under the assumption that this would aid their salvation, there is no clear evidence that Young or other top theocratic Mormon leaders enforced blood atonement for apostasy or non-capital crimes like miscegenation. There is, however, some evidence that the doctrine was enforced a few times at the local church level without regard to secular judicial procedure.The rhetoric of blood atonement may have contributed to a culture of violence leading to the Mountain Meadows massacre.[3]

Blood atonement remains an important doctrine within Mormon fundamentalism. Within mainstream Mormonism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has informally opined, since 1978, that the doctrine is no longer in force. LDS apostle Bruce R. McConkie, claiming to reflect the view of church leadership, wrote in 1978 that while he still believed that certain sins are beyond the atoning power of the blood of Christ, the doctrine of blood atonement is only applicable in a theocracy. Nevertheless, given its long history, the doctrine still plays a role in some Utah death penalty trials. And is Fully believed in by followers of original doctrine.

The problem is, There are many people in this group who use the doctrine as an excuse to get off on their Kinky deviant sides.  Meaning even stealing a piece of candy or telling a lie could call for the spilling of blood.  And yes, they believe in Human sacrifice.  They believe it is the true way to release one’s soul of sin.

They also believe it is not a doctrine in the bible or book of Mormon to AVOID Evil, rather it is their direct charge by god and Jesus to relieve this world of “any of Satin’s chosen many”. To rid the earth of Evil.  And torture the devil out of the souls of the innocent.  That if someone is thought to be possessed, you are torturing the demon, not the person themselves.  SO,  As you can imagine this leaves the door open for much interpretation and mistake.

So, when [Doc] met Teal, knowing about her abilities, He decided it was his JOB to mentor her back to God in the most heinous ways you can imagine.  BUT>>> he has other personalities that ENJOYED what his other personalities preached against.  The side of him named “Egnever” that for example  would stop on the side of the road outside communities of illegal immigrant populations waiting for a kid of the right age to walk by which he’d talk into the car, keep at his house in his basement and murder and bury in his back yard later.  He knew full well that illegal immigrants don’t report missing kids because if they do, they are deported.

This “Alter personality”along with another of his personalities he called “Doc” was part of A satanic group in Idaho… (The place Teal grew up is ten minutes from the border)

So he attended BOTH deviant groups with her in tow.  She became something for the satanic group to use in rituals and something for the Blood covenant Christian group to torture under the misconception that she was evil.

So, [Doc] started systematically taking Teal out of her bed at night,  Some times out of school during the day.

He Managed to convince her that on one hand he was her REAL father and she was exactly like him.  On the other, That demons were after her because she was one, who was using her “body” as a suit, and he was the only one who knew how to train her to survive them, and get back to god.  So many of the things he did that were wildly abusive, Teal believed he was doing for her benefit.  He became her mentor to such a degree that her family trusted him with her on weekend trips and with after school activities, her mentoring in horsemanship, and he was who they turned to about her abilities, and later… in her teen years to take her in when she got so mentally ill (due to the abuse) the family didn’t know what to do with her anymore.  She tried to commit suicide.  All the time they were unaware that he was creating the condition he claimed to be helping. Because like attracts like, [Doc] surrounded himself with many people who participated in the same deviant behavior and obsessions.

To spare you the details which I assure you are endless,

From age 6 to 19  Teal was:

  • Tortured physically and sexually in Rituals,
  • Forced to participate in sacrifices,
  • Raped,
  • Starved
  • Forced to undergo 3 abortions (all fathered by [Doc] himself who was in his sixties at the time)  He performed them himself with veterinary equipment, which is why we had such a hard time conceiving)
  • Photographed for Sadomasochistic pornography
  • Sold for money to men for sex out of outdoor gas station bathrooms,
  • kept in basements,
  • kept in a hole in the ground in [Doc]’s back yard,
  • Exposed to Electro-shock  Programming,
  • Forced to undergo isolation torture,
  • Left overnight tied up in lava caves in southern Idaho
  • Forced to participate in bestiality and necrophilia,
  • Drugged out by [Doc] on Ketamine, Dormator, Xylazine, opiates and speed (all of which he had unlimited access to due to being a vet.
  • Chased through the Idaho and Utah wilderness by [Doc] who was usually on one of his mules “playing” tracking games in which he would hunt her, and undergo one of many heinous tortures if she was caught.
  • Used as a lure to other children that ended up being hurt or on 3 occasions killed by [Doc].
  • And the list goes on.

Satanic people are more into Hollidays than even Christians are.  They observe every Solstice and Equinox.  They have revel holidays and black masses.  And as I mentioned before, the blood covenant Christian group (thinking it is their job to rid the earth of evil) knows about the Satanic groups around them, they keep track of them by infiltrating them and they hold counter rituals to the rituals the satanic people hold, in order to shift the energy back to the side of GOD.

Easter is one such holiday.  Satanic people believe in the concept of “no god but thyself”, so sacrifices are done to honor a person as if they were a god.  So, If someone was to kill an animal or human FOR someone else, it is seen as a huge gift.  Around Easter,   They hide plastic eggs stuffed with ritual items along with human hair, decapitated animal parts, human blood etc.  And of course later that night or the next day, the Christian group then would,  “Bleed the sin”  out of Teal for what she participated in with the satanic group during the day.

Teal, like most ritual abuse victims is a perfectionist.  She got straight A’s all through school and excelled at sports. She graduated from high school at age 16 with many opportunities she could never take because she was not allowed to leave [Doc].

Many psychologists demanded she was being abused, but they focused on her Father which made her mother ultimately pull her out of counseling.

The family was  essentially ripped apart.

Teal Met Blake at age 19 (the Blake we still live with Today) she told him a bit about what was going on, and he hid her at his house in Salt Lake City.

No one knew where she was.  Blake hid her for many years.  He still does.  Teal had no job skills, the only thing she knew how to do was ski, so she entered races,  and eventually she made the ski team.  She is amazing at sports because of a ridiculously extraordinary personality (strength of will and focus) , because of an unusual talent for muscle memory which many people who tested her think could have been caused because of the very different way her brain has formed due to the abuse (an under sized left hemisphere, and a very enlarged hyppocampus).  Also because fortunately for her sports career but unfortunately for her daily life, she has the ability to dissociate pain. Meaning for example, if she feels the burn of lactic acid she shuts off her nerve endings to it to the point that she no longer feels it.  This is what the body does if it can not escape pain as her’s couldn’t so countless a time as a child.

Teal re -kindled her relationship with her parents 4 years ago, when they were finally told what had REALLY been happening.  As a result, her parents (who hadn’t seen from or heard from [Doc] a day after Teal left)  sold their house and moved to southern Utah.  It is a strained relationship because they essentially lost their daughter and those years can’t be re claimed. And Teal has problems about HOW they could have been so naive as to not notice the plethora of things that were blazing red flags in her childhood all pointing to [Doc].  Needless to say, the Guilt and grief kills them both.  Teal‘s brother has attained a degree in Law enforcement as a result of the event, he plans to spend his life taking down criminals like [Doc].

Teal was forced into Therapy 5 years ago.  And her psychologist who specializes in Ritualistic child abuse (incredibly sad it happens enough that it can be called a specialty) Managed to get  her to talk to the police 4 years ago.  Since then, anytime they call during the compilation of this HUGE case, we have to go in and sit for hours of being taped while being asked questions, shown photos, maps etc. And go in for scar mapping.

The state Crime Victim’s reparation even paid for her therapy for a time.

The therapy has literally saved Teal‘s life.

We have no idea for how long this will go on.  The Justice system in America is Very complicated.  And for Teal‘s benefit we have asked to only participate when absolutely necessary so Teal can try to heal without this being constantly IN her daily life any more than it already is.  I personally, really like the Chief of police and the County Attorney who are in charge of the case whom I’ve met several times.  As of now, Teal  can’t have her phone number or address known to ANYONE that is why our mail goes to a P.O Box.

But she still has PTSD to the highest extreme.  She is triggered by a plethora of things.  We are at the point where we can recognize triggers.   And are pretty good at dealing with them.  And a person can’t avoid all of them in day to day life.  But, there is NO point yet in deliberately going around triggers like Easter egg hunts, as when this happens, Teal has no idea where she is thinks she’s a little girl again and behaves as if she is ACTUALLY living in the memory that gets triggered.  This can even put her into a seizure.  With PTSD you can not just “get over it” as the brain has re- wired it’s self physically.  And it is terribly embarrassing to Teal when this happens.  It is not a step forward

6 1/2 years is a VERY short time to be away from an abuser.  She has only been able to admit [Doc] could be lying about everything and just be mentally ill himself as of 3 years ago.  She heals daily.  I watch her do it, and am amazed.  But we must constantly work on Making her feel safe and back in the real world for the first time.  Until that is established, getting over triggers CAN’T happen.  Fortunately for Teal, there is a very definitive way according to psychologists to Heal from this.  A lot of the roadwork has been laid by victims of concentration camps and prisoners of war and other children who have been kidnapped and tortured and studied.

I realize this is all very hard to take in, it challenges the way most people think the world works.  It is pain full and scary to hear.  Many people want to ignore it just because it means they have to admit the world does not always make sense, and is not fair and is not always good.  They also assume they will never MEET someone like Teal.  Girls like Teal are only the girls you READ about in the morning paper, or see on the news.

But here she is.  And things like this happen every day.  Close to where we live every day.

But I figured if you had the whole, complete outline it would make more sense to you and not seem so abstract.  I’m sorry I didn’t explain it in detail before this.

Feel totally free to ask questions if you have any

Thank you for your understanding.





  1. Anonymous October 14, 2022 at 9:47 am - Reply

    Did you notice that some of the particular quirks of Teal’s writing style in the email are very similar to the email that Mark supposedly wrote? Specifically (but not only) the capitalisation of the second word in a sentence (“So, Talking to you today” and “Teal Was born doing very controversial things”).

    • Anonymous2 April 12, 2023 at 6:48 pm - Reply

      Without A singular doubt this was edited and manipulated by Teal. Narcissists gonna narcissist!

  2. Bob May 10, 2023 at 12:49 am - Reply

    This has really shed some light not only on how Teal spins the Messianic story of her ‘ultimate suffering’, but how she manipulates people into believing her ambiguous past. I am not discrediting her claim of abuse, I do believe (as with most victims) that she did in fact go through some depraved traumatic events in her childhood, but to beef it up in Satanic ritual abuse with every single type of gut-wrenching ungodly traumatic act you can think of is almost laughable, akin to the satanic panic of the 1980’s. it’s healthy to find alternative paths to healing and meaning, but at the end, only YOU can find happiness in yourself, not some hokey new-age guru looking to make a buck off of your suffering.

  3. Julianne Flesner June 26, 2023 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    She is an amazing woman who has endured so much pain. May her healing be actualized as she heals others.

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