Join John and Mike, from LDS Discussions for an introduction to the multiple authors of Isaiah and what that means for the Book of Mormon.


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  1. Bill McClymonds August 19, 2022 at 12:29 pm - Reply

    According to PhD biblical scholar Michael Kruger, in his book , Surviving Religion 101, those with evangelical (more mainstream) convictions face an uphill battle to get admitted to secular university doctoral programs in religion. As a result, many don’t end up in places like UNC (where Bart Ehrman teaches). Instead, they end up in evangelical institutions. The following paragraph is a direct quote from Dr. Kruger’s book.

    “So beware of religion professors who defend their position by saying such as ‘all scholars agree’ or by saying that their view is ‘standard fare’ among biblical scholars. What that really means is that their view is standard fare among all the scholars they already agree with (which, if you think about it, is not an overly significant point).”

    Dr. Kruger goes on to write that overlooked in such claims are thousands of evangelical scholars around the world who would disagree. He goes on to point out the hundreds of professors in the ten largest seminaries in the United States who are part of this group. Those ten largest seminaries are all evangelical.

    Dr. Kruger didn’t address Deutero-Isaiah specifically, but I suspect most of those he is referring to would not agree with the Deutero-Isaiah theory.

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