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CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of Sexual Assault, Rape, Child Abuse

Tim Kosnoff is back to share an update about the Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Filing and urgent deadline at the end of 2022 for anyone in California who was abused by a Boy Scout Leader outside of official BSA activities to be able to join a class-action lawsuit before the window is closed forever.

Anyone with questions or think this might apply to themselves or someone they love are encouraged to contact an attorney (ideally one with experience with child abuse claims) to learn more. Tim Kosnoff is a US attorney who has spent the last two decades representing victims of abuse and has graciously volunteered to talk with anyone who may have questions about this case. Contact info provided below.

Free BSA Consult Hotline: 206-785-7326


Tim Kosnoff: 

Abused In Scouting Website 


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  1. Darrick Evenson October 3, 2022 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Mormon Church deceived/abused pregnant teen girls for decades! From about 1950 until today, the Mormon Church’s “Social Services” (also called “Family Services”) has run secret “homes” for unwed pregnant Mormon teen girls. The LDS Social Services deceived the girls, and pressured or forced the girls to sign over their babies to LDS Social Services, who sold the babies in adoptions, and gave the girls NOTHING in return. The girls were told to lie to friend, telling them they were going to live with relatives for a year (a lie). The girls were worked like slaves, given some baby-caring classes (knowing they would not be keeping the babies…which they didn’t tell the girls until a day or two before labor). Swore the parents and girls to secrecy with threats of “excommunicating” the girls (thus exposing them to shame to their friends and congregation). How many girls were involved in these secret “home” (some houses up to 12 or more girls at a time)? I can’t say, but these secret “homes” were all over the Western U.S. Girls were taken far away from their homes and schools and friends, and parents. Half of these girls have left the Church, so they may want to get some “payback” from the Church for deceiving them and forcing them to sign over their babies. You need to look into it. Thank you. Tell Kosnoff about this.

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