Do you see secular and religious views at odds with one another? In what ways can they work together to become a better expression of one’s Mormon faith? On this very special episode of Mormon stories we chat with Carl Youngblood and Lincoln Cannon, who are leaders in the Mormon transhumanist movement. Mormon Stories listeners may remember Carl, who came on the podcast back in October 2020, where he discussed with John his life and philosophy as a Mormon and a transhumanist. In this follow up episode, we keep the discussion going and ask more hard hitting questions about how Lincoln and Carl view God, Christ, the resurrection, and Book of Mormon historicity – and their answers are unlike anything you’ve probably ever heard before!  

Buckle up for a fun and different Mormon Stories interview! We hope to have these amazing guys back again soon for another chat, so leave a comment or question that we can save for next time! 

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Show Notes: 

Timecodes (for video):

00:00 Introduction 
4:10 Carl on his uncommon brand of Mormonism 
10:20 What is transhumanism? 
16:20 Not just about technology 
17:50 Lincoln’s Mormon background that led to transhumansim 
22:40 Mormon checklist and faith crisis 
27:00 Encountering philosophy 
28:40 “Are we in a simulation” article pushing Lincoln into TS space
30:55 Carl’s Mormon background that led to transhumanism 
37:15 How transhumanism helps in faith crisis 
40:25 Big G God vs small g god 
43:00 “Escapist” vs partnership with God 
46:00 Unite people in the bonds of friendships 
48:00 Idolatry in Mormonism 
50:20 Connecting Mormonism with transhumanism 
57:00 God progression theology 
58:50 Why doesn’t God share more? 
1:05:10 Problem of suffering 
1:06:50 Christ’s resurrection 
1:16:50 Minimum viable theology, pushback 
1:25:50 Church members response to transhumanism 
1:30:00 How many Mormon transhumanists exist? 
1:33:50 Gender 
1:37:30 View of the leadership 
1:40:00 Relationship with queer people 
1:45:00 Carl on sustaining the leaders 
1:46:10 Is there an anthropomorphic God in the sky?
1:49:00 Who is Jesus, Joseph Smith, Holy Ghost? 
1:51:20 Book of Mormon, true church?
1:54:00 Prophets, non-Christians 
1:57:00 Same sex marriage, race issues, lack of transparency 
2:07:00 Adam and pre-Adamites 
2:09:50 The church’s history of being anti-progress 
2:18:40 Raising children in the church 
2:23:00 Privilege 
2:27:00 How Mormon transhumanism helps them 
2:30:00 Podcast 
2:34:00 Resources and upcoming conference 

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