Join us live for a discussion with Margi and John about alternative approaches to New Year’s Resolutions.


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Show Notes:

Timecodes (for video):

00:00:00 Introduction and opening remarks
00:08:23 Why talk about New Year’s Resolutions?
00:16:31 An alternative to the shame cycle of setting goals and giving up
00:26:10 The aspirational approach to goal-setting and why it often doesn’t work
00:32:28 Winter is often the hardest time to set goals
00:38:36 The difference between setting intentions and setting goals
00:51:00 The power of collecting data, and how to get started when you feel unworthy
01:09:37 Rewriting a shame-based goal into an intentional practice by listening to yourself
01:22:03 Practical examples of creating an intention and a practice for carrying it out
01:30:58 Audience questions and comments
01:49:06 Using “focus words”
01:51:39 Audience comments and final remarks

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