1684: A Japanese-American Mormon Story – Jeff and Larissa Kindred Pt. 1

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Join us as we meet Jeff & Larissa Kindred and follow their stories growing up as Latter-day Saints. Jeff’s story includes a grooming scoutmaster, his love of sports, attending Snow College, and serving a mission in Jackson, Mississippi where he dealt with scrupulosity around diet & exercise, becoming AP, and wrestling with racism in the Church culture & scripture.

Larissa’s story involves her Japanese-American heritage, and gives a brief introduction on the history of anti-Japanese sentiment in Utah, including having been home to a Japanese “Work” Camp in Topaz. Larissa tells of the struggles her grandparents faced assimilating into Utah Culture and dealing with the loss of their own. Larissa also describes racism she experienced growing up in American Fork, UT and Mormon culture’s ideals matching white beauty standards.

And this is just the beginning! Jeff and Larissa have a lot of experiences that many current and former Mormons will relate to and experiences that will be new for many to hear.

Larissa Kindred

Jeff Kindred:


1685: Unraveling the Progressive Mormon Dream – Larissa & Jeff Kindred Pt. 2

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In this Part 2 of 3, we return to Jeff & Larissa’s story. Now married, Larissa gives up her University Studies to help Jeff through Med school. They share their struggles with infertility, the adoption process, and adopting black children as orthodox Mormons.
Larissa faces difficulties in early motherhood and building resentment as they settle into traditional LDS gender roles. Larissa feels she is losing herself wrapped up in her husband’s life, while at the same time trying to silence that part of her that is unhappy, seeing it as “wrong.”
Larissa is called as a RS President, even as she becomes more vocally progressive/feminist and has hope for the Church to change, but it doesn’t last.
Jeff realizes the Gospel can’t fix Larissa’s unhappiness as the root cause is Patriarchy. He serves in Bishoprics for 7 years before discovering more about Church history from the CES Letter, and Rough Stone Rolling, with the Gospel Topics Essays being the final straw.
Jeff & Larissa finally recognize the level of harm of systemic racism & sexism in Mormonism and no longer wish to be a part of it.

1686: Healing from Mormon Marital Sexual Dysfunction  – Larissa and Jeff Kindred Pt. 3

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In Part 3 of 3 on this riveting story of Jeff & Larissa, we join them again as they bravely share their stories of sexual dysfunction due to LDS purity culture doctrines, Larissa’s battle with breast cancer, Jeff’s experiences with porn/masturbation, and BOTH Jeff and Larissa suppressing their sexuality.
They share their journey of healing and growing together in intimacy, as well as other changes post-Mormonism. What is parenting like? How have their beliefs changed and what do they believe now?

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  1. Patrick November 10, 2022 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    As an olster I gave up trying to figure out how to comment on youtube, But I have learned how to answer the problem of pornography. From a guilt feeling in the Church, I got rid of some of the pictures, but even now I have some 20 pictures of my favorite porno-queen, my wife, taken with my Polaroid camera in our younger years. I am so glad I saved them because my wife is currently in a transitional nursing care facility and at 77 years of age, I can truly get excited and can masturbate and my wife is thrilled when I tell her what still turns me on, And we’ve been married 54 years and no longer attend.

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