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1339-1341: Dr. Robert Ritner – An Expert Egyptologist Translates the Book of Abraham2022-02-24T12:53:30-07:00
BONUS: Elder Steven E. Snow Candidly Explains Why the LDS Gospel Topics Essays Are Not Publicized by the Church2022-03-18T14:44:49-06:00
605: An Analysis of the “Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women” Essay2022-03-18T22:04:06-06:00
580: Reviewing the Mother in Heaven LDS Essay2022-03-18T22:27:25-06:00
571: Three Geneticists Respond to the LDS Essay on DNA and the Book of Mormon, and to Apologist Michael Ash2022-03-21T16:53:31-06:00
512: Discussing the New Polygamy Essays Part 2 – With Lindsay Hansen Park, J. Nelson-Seawright, and Joe Geisner2022-03-21T16:33:07-06:00
503: Discussing the New Polygamy Essays Part 1 — With Lindsay Hansen Park, John Hamer and J. Nelson-Seawright2022-03-21T16:30:53-06:00
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