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834: Bears Ears and Donald Trump’s Visit to Utah2022-03-14T12:22:12-06:00
791-792: Tribalism and Mormon Identity – Mehrsa Baradaran2022-03-14T16:37:34-06:00
789-790: Sean Carter – How White Supremacy Led Me Out of Mormonism2022-03-14T16:40:59-06:00
788: BYU Athletes, Provo Police, and the Honor Code2022-03-14T16:44:22-06:00
777-778: Losing the Lamanites – Gabriel Misla (Puerto Rico)2022-03-15T08:51:04-06:00
757: Losing the Lamanites – Sarah Newcomb (NW Coastal Tribes – Tsimshian)2022-03-15T09:17:07-06:00
748-749: Losing the Lamanites – Hyrum Joe (Navajo)2022-03-15T09:31:58-06:00
746-747: Losing the Lamanites – Vania Moore (Brazil)2022-03-15T09:35:03-06:00
653-656: Omar and Nancy Kader – The Journey of a Palestinian Boy Raised in Utah and His Amazing Wife2022-03-16T15:30:13-06:00
641: Grieving Together: Processing the Recent (and Continual) Loss of Black Lives in America2022-03-18T14:45:43-06:00
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