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904: Dr. Bart Ehrman – New Testament Scholar2022-02-03T13:09:51-07:00
827: Reactions to Terryl and Fiona Givens Firesides, The Christ Who Heals, and Mormon Neo-Apologetics2022-03-14T12:31:08-06:00
781-782: A Final Evening with Grant Palmer – Joseph Smith’s Possible Treason and Concubinage, Restoring Christ, and Q&A2022-03-14T16:53:12-06:00
697-699: Celebrating the Life of Grant Palmer2022-03-16T00:30:57-06:00
449: The Three Interfaith Amigos on the Past, Present, and Future of Religion2022-03-18T21:47:57-06:00
446: Pastor Don Mackenzie on Progressive Christianity2022-02-03T13:10:55-07:00
424-425: Rachel Held Evans and A Year of Biblical Womanhood2022-03-18T21:42:54-06:00
239-243: Jared Anderson – An Academic Introduction to the New Testament2022-03-18T15:14:03-06:00
126-128: Born Again Mormon Shawn McCraney2022-02-03T13:11:33-07:00
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