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1670: Mormon Apostle Dallin H. Oaks RESPONDS to Member’s Opposing Vote!2022-12-03T15:42:04-07:00
1694: Mormon Church Supports Same-Sex Marriage?2022-11-21T19:08:35-07:00
1693: Book Club – Jerald & Sandra Tanner – Despised and Beloved Critics of Mormonism2022-11-21T20:57:05-07:00
1687: Mormon Leader Ahmad Corbitt Condemns Activism Towards the LDS Church2022-11-11T20:03:06-07:00
Trinity and the Book of Mormon
1643: The Trinity & the Book of Mormon with John Larsen2022-10-10T18:08:42-06:00
The Great Mormon Missionary Decline
1635: The Great Mormon Missionary Decline2022-08-20T19:38:11-06:00
John Larsen on the Left next to the Title of the Episode: Church Vs. The Gospel
1631: The Church vs the Gospel: The Infamous Poelman Talk with John Larsen2022-08-02T14:41:28-06:00
1621: Suffering Abuse in the Shadow of Mormon Prophets – Christine Burton2022-07-11T21:15:40-06:00
1595: Mormon Church Defends Minnesota Leader of Sexual Assault2022-06-20T16:10:24-06:00
1505: Did Dallin H. Oaks Lie about Gay Electroshock Therapy at BYU?2022-03-31T14:46:33-06:00
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