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  1. I said I only have two friends from my ward that have maintained friendship with me. I was being sarcastic and flustered (I don’t do well on the spotlight) . There are not two but six. And lots of smilers and wavers! We’ve been one of the lucky ones with only two shunning experiences! But the six are some of the most Christlike people I know–and you know who you are.❤

  2. This was really interesting to listen to. My mom was good friends with Christine Elkington years ago so I have some memories of her from when I was a kid. It was really cool to hear her thoughts.

    I wish there was a group like this for single women who leave in their late 20s/30s. My transition might have been a little easier. The support and friendship this group shares is amazing. Kudos to these women for welcoming any and all.

    1. LH, I would love to know who you are (and who your mom is)! If you’d like, you can contact me on Facebook. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Such a fun and witty group of women. I laughed through the whole interview, but lost my tears when Lisa shared her experience of waiting outside the temple while her son was married…. with WOCA friends by her side. I’m touched beyond words by this act of genuine love for one another. You women ROCK and I hope to soon be part of your awesome group.

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