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  1. Great interview!!! I went to Missouri Independence mission–1983-84. Also, my dad worked at CBS in the 70’s and we could go to work with him all the time. We could watch all rehearsals of any show except–Three’s Company (and Match Game). Loved the interview and will be watching all your movies!! Thank you!!

  2. So do we dare hope that there’s any chance that Tyler may still do a documentary about John Dehlin sometime in the future? Maybe next project after he’s done with the one about Mark Hofmann? Fair trade at least for the interviewer and the interviewee to switch places 🙂

    (Another great episode, BTW.)

    — EDiL13 (One of the refugees from the 20th century who’s still listening via MP3)

  3. An Honest Liar is a fantastic film! The editing and how everything is tied together astounds me. I show it to my chemistry students toward the beginning of every school year, and they LOVE it. They really react to the love story; when it gets to the wedding at the end of the movie I always get lots of ‘aww’s, and occasionally some applause. They also think the movie is really funny, I’ve had students spend the rest of the school year mocking Peter Popoff (they wanted to do a skit about it during homecoming but the superintendent vetoed that). They always have lots to say about the main message of the movie, too: being skeptical. They have all kinds of questions, because they’ve never thought about how easy it might be for someone to deceive them, and it sparks some great conversation. I tie it into the scientific method–what science is and what it isn’t, and had my principal watch it and he approved it whole-heartedly. I hope to be showing this movie to students for the next 25 years.

  4. And Tyler is such a nice guy as well as a great film maker. He did a Skype Q&A for a group of us up in Edmonton some years back after we all watched Sons of Perdition.
    I can hardly wait for the new film. Love to you Tyler.

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