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  1. Thank you for this episode! Thank you to Jill and Katie Searle for their willingness to be interviewed. I very much relate to Jill’s story. I will actively use her advice on how to raise young children co-parenting with their father who is an active Mormon, and me a former Mormon who is gay. I will have to re-listen to this one in the future I’m sure.

    1. Jessica,
      Thank you for listening and for your kind words. Sounds like we have something in common, life is good. Being true to who you are is making you a better person and a better parent. If you would like to connect please feel free to contact me. You can message me on Facebook and I will be happy to be in touch. xoxo Jill

  2. Thanks for sharing your stories. I would encourage you, Katie, to give yourself and Paige Bischoff the recognition on Wikipedia as founders of Kinfolk along with Nathan and Doug. It only lists Nathan and Doug as the founders. Please let people know that women can develop and create meaningful, profitable businesses.

  3. Man, I love you two. This was probably one of my favorite episodes. Katie, I am so inspired by you and your beautiful journey. Your story is so much like my own -my former husband came out to me as gay while I was preg too. I feel for you and all that you’ve gone through, and I can’t thank you enough for opening up and being so real. You’re such a force of love. AND Kinsfolk! Thanks for creating such an amazing brand of connection and tribe, and for walking the talk too. You are your mom are bad asses. Sending you the best vibes!

  4. Was a fun surprise to learn Jill lives in the same small Oregon town I do. Unfortunately, I don’t know the family. Powerful and important inteview. Thanks for being vulnerable enough to give it.

  5. Dear Jill & Katie,

    Thank you for sharing your stories. You two are both strong, amazing women & fine examples of how you should handle situations with dignity & grace. I can’t wait to see if you ( Katie) have any business or projects in the works.

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