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  1. There was a question about research on the Mormon Indian Student Placement Program. There is an excellent dissertation by Elise Boxer providing Indigenous perspectives on the program but is has limited availability. Hopefully, she will be putting it out as a book soon.

    There is also a book that addresses the program but less effectively when dealing with Indigneous voices.


    1. Seriously, why is it that every single time Julienna attempts to speak, she is talked over by every other person on the panel?

      Interjections are made to clarify, argue, or shout down her opinions. Just because she is too polite to shout over top of you all, or call you out, doesn’t mean you should just keep talking over her.

      I would like an interview with just her, so that her opinions and thoughts can be expressed and developed. She seemed to have the most inclusive ideology, and frankly seemed to have the most broad range of experience in terms of culture and lived social experiences.

  2. “I learned that, in general, the Lord rarely gives reasons for the commandments and directions He gives to His servants.” Dallin Oaks

    So Oaks is modeling obedience to the leaders even if what you feel in your heart is different. He never says that the leadership was wrong. Rather he asserts quite boldly that it was the Lord who banned the priesthood for so many decades. Can you fathom for a moment that we are talking about G-G-G-God. The Almighty Creator of the universe and all things. G-G-G-God’s will was that blacks would go a season without the priesthood. So there you have it, the Mormon god. Now it’s up to each individual to decide if that is a god they believe in. Oaks’ statement cannot be overemphasized and cannot be more significant. Do you believe in that god?

    1. Fascinating … considering it was defiantly recorded as a policy with no proclamation of revelation .
      So they agonised for weeks with god about Wether it should be aloud and lifted and revelation was nessessary for the ban lift ? Yet it was never aninspired policy instructed by god . . This Mormon god is a confused god . Lol

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