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  1. Just finished reading you book. You did a fine job telling a very difficult story. I worked 20+ years with child victims of abuse/neglect, even more years working with adults suffering from mental illness. I also grew up with a mentally ill parent. Your book more than any other I have read, gives insight into the internal experience and anguish of trying to keep the soul together in the mist of physical suffering and emotional degradation. Like so many victims, sworn to secrecy by loyalty, brain washing, and shame. It must have hurt so much to have your parents take credit for your accomplishments. You turned out okay, better than okay, therefore how they raised you was okay; even better than okay. It’s the old paradox of reality vs the appearance of reality. One lesson I hope that others facing similar experiences will take from your book is this; a person can survive hell and still have a life worth living, even if the perpetrators of that suffering never taking responsibility for what they did, never giving any credit to you for what you did. I think you survived because you created an internal parent. You raised yourself.

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