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  1. This was a good podcast. I was never entirely sure that you weren’t an apologist until I saw this. Now that you have explained your mission for public health clearly and I can see that you are helping people in other high control groups, I joined.

  2. For your consideration, the format of “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross, popular long running NPR show from WHYY in Philadelphia.

    Note the programming schedule between:

    Terry Gross
    Dave Davies
    Justin Chang
    Ken Tucker
    Kevin Whitehead
    Maureen Corrigan

  3. I love Carah`s contribution to the shows I have watched her on. Her comments, questions, and input to the interviews are always spot on and topical.
    Please continue her contract with Mormon Stories Podcast!
    Thanks John for the concise and transparent goals of the OSF, I sincerely appreciate knowing where Mormon Stories stands.
    I am a relatively new subscriber and I love this podcast as a highly valuable resource.


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