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  1. This seems like a great experiment, John. I hope it evolves gracefully and robustly – which, on consideration, I realize may be mutually exclusive operations. Still, great good fortune to this enterprise!

    How I wish there was anything similar to the work you and your friends are doing out there in the Utah region, here in New England! It is needed.

    Many here are silently questioning, for many reasons and at many levels, and are unaware of each other, or of what is developing in the church at large (since all they have for information is the official channels).

    Not sure why, but I hear a lot, quietly , from other members. I notice things, too. Things have been shifting out here for awhile now. There seems to be the same faith crisis developing out here, seemingly in about the same proportion to the overall membership, as what you describe happening out there.

    All I can do is offer nonjudging witness to what people share with me, and some validation of their inner sense. Maybe that’s all that’s needed.

    We do have the advantage, in a certain point of view, of being surrounded by a larger culture that barely registers the existence of the Church. They hold no judgment around any particular Mormon’s faith crisis or faith transition. On the other hand, this means that, as a transitioning Mormon, there’s your judging Mormon community on one side of the great divide, and your nonjudging but also uncomprehending, nonmormon community on the other. This leaves you with nowhere to process the experience.

    Early-stage questioning members are unlikely to go poking around online for support. And, even later, it’s very difficult to find anything other than forums which are so stuck in anger that they only confirm the official narrative about what becomes of doubters. Took me nearly a year of intermittent poking around to discover some more objective, thoughtful discourse on Mormon faith-shifting. Including this podcast. Yay!

  2. This would have been great for my marriage 10 years ago, not that it would have prevented divorce, but it could have settled the tension at that time. I think this great idea for people in this situation.

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