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  1. I hate to say this as I love this site.. I find these question podcasts to be extremely boring and uninformative
    Maybe if they were 30 minutes or less they could be ok. Seems to be too much BS back and forth between the hosts.

    1. I agree. I have been a faithful listener and donor for years. I am really struggling to listen as it seems more and more to lack real content. I’m very sad to leave this sight but find myself listening less and less.

      1. Post

        D. Brady and Michael – I’m super sorry you aren’t happy with the latest episodes. We’ll work hard to keep the quality high. Carah and I talk about this every week. Give us a little more time if you can!

  2. Carah’s woke politics are tiresome. She suggested she would like to do a segment on the environment….bad idea. Mormon stories is about the church and religion. Woke environmentalism is for other platforms. Let’s stay focused on path.

    1. Brent,
      A – freaking men!!! I have loved this podcast, but am being alienated from it by the wokeness and leftist ideology that seems to be coming more to the fore with each episode.

      If I want political commentary there are many, many other places to get it. I come here to attempt to find refuge as I faith transition. Larsen is absolutely awesome as a scholar of church history, but seems to find a way to mention the “build back better” mantra every chance he gets.

      Hopefully these guys will figure out that some in their audience have read “the Gulag Achipeligo” by Solzhenitsyn and therefore realize the lunacy of post modernism, neo-Marxism and other utterly failed social experiments and philosophies.

      Stick to straightening out the church guys. Your losing those conservatives, libertarians, and conservatarians, that, hold your noses now, make up a sizable percentage of your following….believe it or not! Get out of your bubble and stick to biz.

  3. Hi, love the podcasts, thanks for sharing.

    I had a question, or perhaps its a thought about the “Strengthening the Members Committee” (referenced: 37m15s)and wondered if there is any link between this “committee” and the “Deseret nationalists” or “DezNats”? Sorry if this is not allowed, but I read an interesting article in the Guardian, (a respected UK newspaper) and how LDS nationalist elements had targeted BYU and other institutions. Listening to your podcast and the SMC, this just seemed to fit with the hard agenda from within the church.

  4. Dear Mormon Stories Podcast. I have enjoyed your podcasts very much. Most of them have been really helpful in my faith journey. Now concerning Joseph Smith and his ability to write the Book of Mormon and other works like the Book of Abraham, I am beginning to believe that he was a story telling/religious savant. You probably know that there are different types of savants, specializing in different areas such as Photographic Memory (like the Utah savant), Superhuman visionary brain (like the one from England, whose You Tube podcast is attached below), etc. Note that Joseph Smith’s story telling abilities started earlier than the claim of Gold Plates. That is why he said “No One Knows My History”. I think his history is close to being cracked.

    Brain Man _ The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Superhuman Documentary) _ Real Stories
    Aug 22, 2015

  5. What a great guy. Any child could benefit from having him as a mentor, teacher, or social worker. It’s wonderful to hear someone call things out in such a cognizant way. Really loved what he had to say. Wish he could have been my seminary teacher in high school. It would have been nice to share similar thoughts.

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