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        1. There is an enormous amount of logos/wordmarks that use the same font (Trajan) and stacking technique as the LDS Church. The church was not the first or last to come up with that idea.

          That being said, yes, they both insert Jesus/Lord into places where it doesn’t seem appropriate (to put it lightly). I won’t say energy work doesn’t benefit people, but Spencer and Julie’s approach is especially manipulative as they combine it with religion and feed it back to these vulnerable believers. Sad.

  1. Congratulations he is so amazingly vague that everything he said could apply to anyone in the world.
    I am saddened that people are still falling for the oldest trick in the book. Cold readings a la John Edwards and his ilk.
    Did you notice how often he reminded you of his lds connections? Constantly reassuring you of his legitimacy and honesty.
    I wonder how many people phoned in and paid their 25.00 to a man who is likely sitting in his underwear with one screen open to his PayPal account watching the money roll in.

  2. Group cold reading Mormonism. That is what I would call this. Given the early history of the church and the many spiritual manifestations and use of things like seer stones, I think the early Saints would like this. The early saints might come to our churches today and wonder where all the visions, revelations and speaking in tongues have gone. We have too much order in our church today. I like that some people who have a very different way of conducting their spiritual lives. You might call them free spirits. They might not care about social conventions that are well understood among our people. Just because they are different does not mean they are not supporting the doctrines and policies of the church. What should the church do with these people? Would they excommunicate them for being weird? As long as they pay tithing and encourage each other to pay tithing, they are pretty safe. Look at any major leader, organization, and movement in history and you will find motivations of money, power and/or sex. The leaders don’t care what you do unless you are somehow disrupting their money, power or sex. Spencer is exhibiting more spiritual gifts than I have ever seen the leaders show. That might be threatening to the leaders. It will be interesting to see how this turns out for Spencer.

  3. After all many of us have been through with self proclaimed authorities, after listening to both Julie and Spencer, I felt the energy sucking out of me. Definitely one of my least favourite podcasts.

  4. Perhaps I am too much of a skeptic, and perhaps my experience with the deceptions of the LDS church has left me unwilling to trust supernatural claims, but doesn’t this group of energy seekers that weave these ideas into Christian (mormon) theology seem just a bit of a far reach? It is just so much snake oil and wishful reaching for emotional satisfaction of metaphysical needs. I am sorry. I just don’t buy that there is anything to any of this. Too much room for chicanery for me. Do they also use crystal balls and tarot cards?

    1. Isn’t the definition of priest craft preaching for gain? That is what it sounded like to me. Of course the apostles and many others in the church write and sell books (get gain) preaching about the gospel. Maybe there are a lot of people involved in priest crafts theses days. 😉

      1. Wow! Thank you for that comment! I have to wonder with a great sadness what our Savoir Jesus Christ must be feeling. So much freely given for our redemption. I could find no passages either in the HB or the BOM that would endorse the making of money by a true vision from God. But as you and others have documented their is plenty of support from the Holy Scriptures that a person claiming to operate in the gift of prophecy who charges money for their knowledge is a false prophet. The first give away for me was her own addition in her book,chapter one, of her family’s financial situation. That can be read for free (as I did) online at their publishing site. My heart is grieved as I had a real NDE in my life. To go out there, gain a following and make a profit would prove I have no gear of God nor respect for sacred gifts. I am praying for this young woman.

    2. Yeah, this is pissing me off. Too many gullible people are just sucked into this, and whatever they feel, they either think it’s them or they are actually experiencing something- basically, they’ll feel whatever and say “it worked!” Julie and this other guy are just sickening.

  5. I’m no doctor John but you can probably confirm this… she sounds off her rocker. Not sane. I’ve seen/heard people with mental problems and they talk JUST like her.

    I feel bad for the people that have cashed in their 401k, sold homes, etc. All to follow a looney with a more than apparent problem. Hopefully she gets help soon.

  6. Yes, While I may be able to emphathize with the sickness [and delusions], of these poor people, [and their followers], that does not mean they are not ultimately dangerous [in my opinion].

  7. If it wasn’t already it’s now on the radar of the SCMC. Stake Presidents will be notified, announcements sent to wards, and a General Conference mention. Much like this one sent in 2001

    “To General Authorities; Area Authority Seventies; stake, mission, and district presidents; and bishops and branch presidents, to be read in sacrament meeting:

    It has come to our attention that some commercial enterprises promising heightened self-esteem, improved family relationships, increased spirituality and the like by participating in their programs are implying Church endorsement. Such claims are untrue and unfounded. The Church has not endorsed any such enterprise. Neither should the Church’s failure to formally challenge any such enterprise coming to its attention be construed as a tacit endorsement or stamp of approval. We repeat the counsel set forth in the Church Handbook of Instructions, page 157:
    Church members should not participate in groups that:

    Challenge religious and moral values or advocate unwarranted confrontation with spouse or family members as a means of reaching one’s potential.
    Imitate sacred rites or ceremonies.
    Foster physical contact among participants.
    Meet late into the evening or in the early-morning hours.
    Encourage open confession or disclosure of personal information normally discussed only in confidential settings.
    Cause a husband and wife to be paired with other parties.

    We strongly counsel against affiliation with any such group”

      1. I wondered that, too, Jim. Nor could members join the Masons or attend square dances.

        Interesting that he seamlessly weaves LDS belief into a “therapy” laced with talk of chakras and the third eye.

  8. Just found out from my friend, that her moms bishop in northern Utah just up & moved his family in the middle of the night to Grace, Idaho. (He was recently released, not sure if he was released before he moved his family or because he moved?) he is moving there because of Julie Rowe. Not sure if this is supposed to be a ‘city of light’.

  9. I may have missed it, but……what was the purpose in this podcast ?

    Sounds delusional and manipulative to me…..really hard to listen to.

  10. That magical Priest craft… Why are they not exposed by the church? Excommunication? I think this is a sign that the church isn’t mystical enough any more. It’s kind of bland and has become the McDonald’s drive through of religion. This is the dumpster outside, but I think if I was seeking religion that elevated I would be hard pressed to find it in Mormon meetings. The theology is rich, but it is dead in actual day to day living and often thwarts growth due to superstitious reliance on the “spirit”.

  11. So this is a 20 year old boy who was “triggered” (evil spirits assigned to remind him, according to this session) because he could only serve his mission for two months.

    Why are we listening to him again?

  12. He’s 20 years old. On one hand–he’s young, uneducated, teeming with superstitious traditions. On the other hand, missionaries are that young…

    1. Joseph Smith was 14 when he started, right? Everyone has to establish themselves for who they are at some point in their lives. Many of the truly gifted people in history showed greatness at a very young age. Spencer is a pretty good medium (type of spiritual seer). It is pretty bold of him to mix a style of seeing that is different from the Mormon style of seeing. Also, he is not a bishop, or apostle so it seems to me like he is creating some competition with the church’s business. I admire his courage. In some some family businesses you can get your kneecaps broken for that kind of thing.

  13. All I can express is “Oh my!” I am listening to this and am waiting for the healing stones and crystals to ward off the dark energy.

  14. OMG. I do not have words… I am offended (by Julie and Spencer) on so many levels right now. Talk about narcissism. I’m an unorthodox, believing Mormon and this nonsense is pure evil. Charging people money for it just makes it that much worse! Is there any way you can send this to church authorities in order to expedite the excommunication of these clowns??

    1. I think they heard it already and I hope they will deal with it soon. They do have their eyes and ears patrolling the Internet. This is crazy stuff. I wonder if there is a connection between the group Ida Smith was involved in and Julie Rowe?

      1. Oh good…

        This is just insane – totally over-the-top. Why aren’t these Rowe followers seeing the red flags? I realize that LDS are taught to be “humble, meek, submissive and teachable.” Unfortunately, I think that makes many vulnerable to these kinds of cult-like followings. So sad.

  15. Hahahahahaha! OMG(osh). I just cleared out my belly laugh chakra. This is some batstuff cray cray. Thank you. And all you out there giving your money to these guys and gals, send it to me. I need to replenish my laugh chakra- The best medicine.

    1. Wonder what’ll be next with the hyper-prepper fringes? We’ve learned by sad (and frankly funny) experience that they seem to always need something swirling around in their drinks.

  16. Outside of ‘OZ’, here in the Midwest- why is this only being shared with ‘Mormons’ the ‘Special People’? There are plenty of good God-fearing people here, more than I have met anywhere and don’t they deserve her advertising out here?!

    Her saying’I know without a doubt’, ‘I have a sure knowledge of this’, ‘I testify this to be true’…Uh, don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

    There is lot’s of room at the end of ‘Wikipedia’s’ list for more names.


  17. Julie Rowe has minimal incolvement in this call–just a few minutes at the top of the program and that’s it. The majority of the program is an adolescent’s ramblings and embarrassingly naive take on mindfulness. This so-called guided meditation by Spencer Watson is really silly. I have a hard time understanding why this is relevant and why so many people spend money and time going this.

  18. I know someone who is a Julie Rowe follower. She is expecting an earthquake tomorrow (Sunday). I will be paying attention so I can feel even the slightest rumblings. I am not sure if she is getting this from Julie Rowe or if this is actually from the many other sources who predict catastrophe in September. If there is not an earthquake the stock market will crash on Monday. If the “prophets” are lucky enough to have either of these things happen, I will be disappointed because many people will really take them seriously after correctly predicting a disaster even though their predictions came true simply by dumb luck.

    1. There is certainly a good chance that somewhere in the world there will be an earthquake. I hope they’re specific enough so it can be confirmed that did happen. Here’s a video of a historical world event, that were pretty devastating for the people involved. Given the choice between an earthquake, or the stock market adjusting itself, I think I’d prefer those calamities over being under this.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY9VwCE_Dsg in Japan
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clbFMklzrzA in Germany
      Both areas were decimated and over the past 70 years have pretty much rebuilt. No doubt there were people who thought this was the end of the world too.

  19. For the 10% we pay to the church, we don’t get our money’s worth when it comes to a decent prophet and 12 apostles. These guys have one job and one job only. Everything else is secondary to it. That job is to PROPHESY by the power of god! What good have they been when it comes to situations like Julie Rowe? They ought to fully embrace her or fully rebuke her. People have cashed in their 401k’s sold everything, sold their homes, etc… But this silence makes it appear as if even they don’t know what is going on, which of course could never be the case. I hear people at church talking about her with either mocking or reverential tones. I would like to hear the prophet emphatically state that she is mistaken, misleading or tuned into something real. But for heaven’s sake brethren, do your job and lead this church! The LDS church’s’ recent distancing of her was rather lukewarm.

  20. They don’t know what will happen in the future. Even though it is not likely that Julie Rowe’s prophecies will come true, the brethren are taking a chance if say she is wrong. They must play it safe.

  21. Wow, thank you for posting this! I was having trouble getting to sleep, but listening to this session has “healed” me. It’s a miracle!!!

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