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  1. Wow, great podcast! Now I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the next segment you and Lynn Packer do. Very interesting interview Good job John đź‘Ť

  2. Lynn was already at KSL when I arrived to work there. He was in news and I was doubling in the the business side and radio on-air. I always respected his journalistic expertise (still do). He had courage to tackle tough issues–always doing a great job. This is an important story and he is the one to tell it! Best regards Lynn. Nice job John.

  3. Mr. Packer’s comments about Dunn and Trump hit home. I recently listened to Bagman, told by Rachel Maddow, and the story of Spiro Agnew, which is eerily close to Trump’s antics. All men, whose sole interest is self promotion and preservation. I am anxious to hear “the rest of the story”, as Harvey would say. Thanks John.

  4. regarding the Missionary discussion issues: Lynn’s moxie and tenacity about what should be done is EXACTLY how I handled things when I was early 20s. probably with the same naivety. His personality really resonates.

  5. John, I’m trying to watch the episode about Paul Dunn on the Facebook channel and it keeps breaking up It’s too hard to follow, please clean it up. Please continue the work in getting this stuff in the open. I wondered about some of his stories because years ago I looked him up in the Sporting News baseball register which is considered the Bible of Major League and he was not in it.

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