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  1. Gina, I feel so blessed to be in this world at the same time as you. A thousand kisses from the Southern tip of Africa! I ran out of the church screaming in 2015 at nearly 70 years old (a convert) and found so much solace in A Thoughtful Faith. Your journey, John’s, Sam’s, Bill’s, Lindsay’s, helped me to navigate what has been a wilderness of painful deconstruction and reconstruction.. I could have fallen off the edge of the world, and nobody in the Mormon church would have noticed. Thank you for your thoughtful faith that I was able to look at, be inspired by. 👵🏻

  2. It’s interesting that women don’t merit a stake high council excommunication trial, as a man does, before the dastardly deed is done. This, by itself, demonstrates that a woman isn’t as important and doesn’t have as much worth as a man in the MORMON Church.

    1. When the original Revelation was received, authorizing a “High Council” trial for Elders, it was at a time when “Elder” was the exclusive title of an Apostle. So, excommunicating an Apostle was a HUGE deal. In the original Church of Christ, the Stake High Council presided over a Stake. One of the 12 Standing HIgh Council members “acted” as President, but he was chosen from the 12 members. The “Traveling High Council” has no authority in any “Sake of Zion” but only in areas where no Stake was organization (i.e. everywhere outside of Nauvoo and Kirkland Ohio). Gradually, the title of “Elder” was expanded to what we have today: any active Mormon male aged 18 or over.

  3. Wow! Words can’t express my awe and admiration for Gina’s unquenchable spirituality and authenticity. No wonder the Mormon Church wants to boot her out. I am thrilled at her refusal to bow in submission – in any way – to those who seek to extinguish her personhood.

  4. Thank you Gina for your interview here, and the years of great messages and interviews on A Thoughtful Faith. It has been so helpful to me in my journey! Love and prayers to you as you move forward with your journey as well.

  5. I am not able to play the vidio from your site. I am using a mac and called apple support, they checked all my settings and Ican ply vidios from other sites, so they think you may have a problem on your site.

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  7. Gina… What a wonderful attitude about this terrible situation… Ex-communication is a violent act devoid of anything remotely Christ-like. The LDS church will be made less without your important presence and your many contributions.It boggles the mind that the church continues down this unsustainable path – sooner or later the church organization will pay a great price for these decisions. May you have peace and contentment with the outcome of this event. You are admired by many!!!

  8. Question: If the LDS Church is not true, do temple ordinances then have any real meaning? Seems like some members who get exed are concerned about losing their eternal marriages and sealings.

  9. When ever Gina is doing a broadcast I just wait to see how long till she uses herminetics. I don’t think she can make it through a full podcast without using it. Clearly her favorite word.

  10. Hello Gina and John,
    Thanks so much to you both for your wonderful courage and strength. I am eager to read some work from a couple authors you mentioned. One, Rob Bell, you mentioned as having written about God as a sacred hum and another, Henry Nouwan, you mentioned writing about spiritual development and an articulate un-knowing. I would love any references to the works that contain these thoughts/writings if you can provide them.

  11. The Mormon church excommunicates people to delegitimize them. That’s the whole point. It’s a lot easier for the church, and more effective (from their point of view), than debating the issues.

    I’m glad Gina has found another church where she can be happy and continue on her spiritual journey! Much love to you, Gina!!

  12. Would you please include a link in the show notes for the documentary about the September 6 that Gina and John discuss in Part 1? Thank you very much.

  13. So happy to read briefly the outcome of Gina’s disciplinary council. We should embrace the reminder that we are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all of the controversial and difficult places and act like it. That is what I want to be a part of.

  14. SSS,
    I would ask, is it possible to be Human and Mormon at the same time? What I mean is;

    the root claim of the Mormon faith, that it is the only “true” source of Truth, sets up a dualism that leaves members gyrating to disinclude from their experience all that is not Mormon. That includes the rest of humanity, and any experience that doesn’t correlate with official church narrative.

    If you stop and hold that idea for a long moment, it might become apparent that this includes a large swath of human feelings and thoughts; bodily experiences are rendered untrustworthy, the ideas and experiences of nonmember persons are held to be highly suspect and essentially invalid unless they can be “correlated”, one’s intuition and emotional sense of things is only valid if it serves to support the official view, and even the rational mind is relegated to the role of reshaping experience to the official narrative of reality. In other words, you cannot be a believing Mormon and also truly validate the totality of either your own, or other humans’ experiences. To do so would necessitate a reexamination of the fundamental truth claim of the Church. It’s like Tevye’s neighbor says in “Fiddler on the Roof”, “…he is right, and he is also right? They can’t both be right!” The Church’s claim of Ultimate Rightness doesn’t allow for the organic untidiness that is human experience. In fact, one could make a strong case that the Church’s position is that our goal as children of God, is to deny ourselves of all human untidiness.

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