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  1. John, mormon stories had a great year. I am not big on the post mormon transition and community episodes, but I bet it does help a lot of people. I love the episodes that dig into great stories and history though and appreciate your work so much. Thank you!

  2. John, l also appreciate all your hard work and am not big on the Mormon transitions podcasts, but also love to hear, read or listen to the history part of Mormonism we need to understand it all better and to me it’s the most interesting of podcasts especially when it’s unbiast, thank you for all your hard work, well done.

  3. thank you Jon for all your hard work throughout the year, l prefer listening to the doubts. concerns of Mormon history more than others, but the transitions help others a lot, l’m sure. your doing a great job, thank you for all the hard work you are doing, well done and keep going

  4. I wouldn’t mind becoming a monthly supporter. However, anonymity is my main concern. I don’t want my full name to be associated with payments whether through PayPal or other sources. John, if you had a place where people can send you money orders, I would do it.

    1. Sara,

      You can send them to me and I’ll write mormonstories a check. 🙂

      Seriously, John, as a nevermo who thoroughly enjoys your site, I’m joining in on the lowest tier. I haggled in the 80’s with mormons and couldn’t get them to go to the library to read a book. Now, I can just send them a link.

      I think you and all those working with you are doing some serious good in people’s lives. Thanks!

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