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  1. Love it!
    Just found out my Bishop wants to revoke my temple recommend and get me fired from my job for not being temple worthy. His evidence? My Mom told him that I visit sites like this. (oh no!)
    This elusive disciplinary counsel idea is like a Spanish Inquisition. I can hardly wait to hear how evil they think I am. I can hardly wait to hear their guilty dog barks.
    Do you think I can humble myself enough to eat their sparkley sht sandwiches?
    I share this with you, because my grief is immense. You, fringe people, are so awesome to open your arms to the downtrodden.
    God bless!

    1. Welcome to the fold! Everyone has their own version of Mormonism that works for them and “theirs” is obviously the most correct version and the one by which you should abide by or be damned.

      1. Dustin,
        Thanks. I sure need support with this transition. I guess I have been preparing for a few years. Bishops seem to care more about the institution than the individual (in my case).
        My Catholic friend told me, “That is so petty.”
        When did everyone seems to lose perspective? Why the witch hunt? I conformed for decades. I will try to bare it with the grace of Kate Kelly.

  2. I attended this event in New York and it was absolutely hilarious and the highlight of my week. I love that even during this time in my life of having a faith crisis I am still able to find humor and make some of the issues surrounding it light. Thanks to everyone!

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