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  1. The charity people extend to Joseph Smith is incredible to me. Dies Jana extend the same charity to other religious leaders that weren’t part of the cute she was raised in? Is she as charitable to Warren Jeff’s as Joseph Smith?

    Apologists like Jana also frequently attribute unhealthy beliefs like prophet workshop to “We.” Who is she talking about? Who is the “We” that established lds culture? Who is the “We” that maintains church culture? Does she blame North Korean citizens for the state of the North Korean dictatorship?

    What is ” … the divine” you referenced multiple times? What doesn’t help lead to a divine and thus wouldn’t be considered scripture? Is Dyanetics scripture?

    I have a hard time concluding that your admittance that you maintain your oppinion of the book of mormon inpart because of lack of research as “willful ignorance”.

    How is temple work different from netflix bingging?

    In a few months my daughter will be baptized whether she wants to or not because she had been told she is fallen and requires remission from sins. She is a wonderful girl. I reject this idea.

  2. Jana, You are a beautiful soul. I enjoyed resonating with your story. I personally bookmarked E1 1:50 – Your child’s eye injury is where I am right now. Superbowl Sunday my wife and I walked around the block – no kids just us. I slipped and sighed at seeing cars at her best friends house and our back neighbor. She jumped in with “what do you care – you hate football.” In 5 years we have been to their house 3x – they have been to dinner at ours 1/2x a year. I eventually expressed lack of friends even before faith shift. Rattled off a number of things I did to invite. Then faith crisis and it got colder. She tried to shoehorn a few things but I basically rebutted with – when do they reach out to me? Then two weeks ago I broke my ankle and surgery and wow – tons of ward out pouring to me/us. Mind you she is primary president so our family name is well known in the ward. She looks at me at one point and says – see look how many friends you have. So I smile and say yup. But like you stated at 1:50-ish in your first episode – where these ‘friends’ when I was in the dark night of my soul. Where was the training to help me and they understand the anger phase and help me not burn bridges or them not take things personally. So while you were telling of getting up at F+T meeting I thought – oh I should do that …. when I can walk again …. then you finish that segment with No No I absolutely don’t recommend doing that. Probably smart. Anyway, I hope someday to become a client with my wife. Thank you for your story. This will become a frequent listen – like Anthony Miller and Donna Showalter that I have listened to a few times each.

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