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  1. I attended the Mormon Stories sponsored premier tonight of Church & State. What a great evening at the sold-out Broadway Theater. Thanks to everyone who made this great movie. Makes me really appreciate the people behind the story, and the David & Goliath win this was for everyone.


  2. My sibling and I quite enjoyed the documentary shown tonight. We both came away with the following opinions:

    A) We both support the LGBT population and felt that the documentary leaned more toward the Church’s position regarding same-sex marriage than it did the LGBT population’s. That surprised and angered both of us.

    B) We were well pleased, of course, with the eventual outcome of this historic case. The lawfirm that chose to step up and take this case on were beyond brilliant. I’m not good with names- Peggy (?) was so endearing and fought not only with her stellar juris prudence experience but with the heart and will of a lion. She was amazing.

    C) My sibling and I both felt saddened with the acrimony that eventuated between the 4 plaintiffs and Mark Lawrence. We both hope that through the showing of this documentary, perhaps fences can somehow be mended between these five individuals. They fought so hard for the same outcome, were “family” who became “enemies”. It was heartbreaking to see the eventual tearing apart of their relationships. We are hopeful that softer, forgiving hearts can prevail and relationships can be mended.

    D) We loved the musical scoring of this documentary. Does anyone know who did that? We couldn’t see well enough from the credits.

    E) All in all, we both thought that Kendall Wilcox outdid himself with his masterful writing. Whoever(s) edited this also did a stupendous job.

    F) The one complaint I had from this show was the final few sentences written on the screen. It talked about the November policy and some of the ramifications therefrom. It stated something to the effect that “children would have to disavow same-sex marriage”. No. They have to do more than that. They have to disavow the same-sex marriage of their same-sex parent. That is the one thing I would have added to that final line. That makes a HUGE difference in what children of same-sex parents have to go through. That is like a knife in one’s heart. For that sentiment alone, shame, triple-dog shame on the Church for what it makes people go through.

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