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  1. The church isn’t on top of all the social media PR because it is a rigid hierarchy with older white men running things. They are not social media savvy. Sure there is a PR department with younger people that are hopefully more knowledgeable with social media, but how well does anyone speak up when the leaders of the church are so easily considered holier-than-thou, or like the conversation stops with the general authorities.

    1. I’m aware of the gal who runs a lot of church social media (including the prophets) and she is a young, hip, liberal.

  2. I am young at ❤️ at 56. I love how smart the young are now about navigating their faith. I love humor! Thanks for sharing your talents both of you!

  3. Fantastic episode! I’ve loved these recent social media spotlights. The young people are so refreshing and fun! Carah brings a wonderful perspective, with many unique aspects of her story. She’s so funny and delightful. She’s got another tictoc follower 🙂

  4. Cara – I know that you already know this but you absolutely ROCK! Your cool form of obvious rare intelligence mixed with your quick humor and life experience is such a valuable mix of women we need to help save lives in this weird upside-down world! I love your critical thinking and the clear thinking of how we are so reactive at the sound of the f word and yet not at all offended racism rhetoric! It makes “reason stare” as the Mormon hymn sings. I am old and don’t know the first thing about TicToc if that is the only way I can keep hearing you speak of life, truth, courage and your unique brand of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your bright star with us! Sail on!

  5. Hi Carah, You are an incredible addition to Mormon Stories.

    Tried to edit–still is a bit long but hope you’ll forgive and read on:

    Podcast today: have asked the following questions/comments in times past–fwd’d to Sandra T, Michael, John, etc. Rrecently made a contribution facetiously inquiring how much I need to pay for answers. Here they are–you decide the worthiness of inclusion on the podcast (a little lingo here).

    1) comment: LDS temples NOT similar to biblical temples–no sacrificial tools, candlesticks, lavers, showbread, etc. etc. Biblical temples had no secrets–everyone knew what was taking place– had a great mystery about it, nonetheless.

    2) comment: Upsurge in temple building has brought a loss of mystery surrounding the ceremonies and in making it so much more available it becomes common.

    3) question: Are the same standards used to determine temple worthiness in very poor countries? If not, what?

    4) question: Temple utilization around the world. (have read reports of North American temple utilization figures).

    5) question: Many foreign temples staffed w/”Great White Buanas”–Can’t the locals be trusted? Or have they siphoned off funds to use for useful stuff–like feeding the hungry and clothing the needy?

    6) question: Any former TBM temple presidents that will spill the beans? Nationally or internationally?

    7) question: Accurate reporting of tithe collected/sent to SLC from around the world, yet determining worthiness even in parts of the world when there is high civil unrest.

    8) comment: Mormon women and their primping–look no further than The Choir–question answered.

    9) comment: paid high visibility personages as a means of publicity–the celebration of temple opening in Kiev showed many young “mormons” participating in this grand event–staged, deceptiveness, Window dressing?

    10) comment: when I saw reno of Mesa temple–shocked, disturbed–and remember I’m a NoMo. Gone beautiful warm rich colors. Same goes for Oakland temple reno–friend’s comment: “I see heaven as having colors beyond our imagination–not all white and artificial light everywhere”.

    A couple days ago I wrote on Facebook MoPage a tongue in cheek temple utilization during the millennium. “If we install bunkbeds head to head, how many TBMs can we fit into the celestial room, and who gets the couches? ” Not so faithful consigned to sleeping upright on padded seats in Terrestial and instruction rooms–Now the cafeterias, showers, lockers, laundry facilities, and cold tubs begin to make convoluted sense. And for entertainment? Reruns of all the bad temple movies played one after the other, 24 hours a day for a thousand years. Makes one want to seriously rethink the notion of hell.

    I am going to listen to the podcast again. This was of great interest to me.


    Keith Thompson, Santa Rosa, CA

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