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  1. The church isn’t on top of all the social media PR because it is a rigid hierarchy with older white men running things. They are not social media savvy. Sure there is a PR department with younger people that are hopefully more knowledgeable with social media, but how well does anyone speak up when the leaders of the church are so easily considered holier-than-thou, or like the conversation stops with the general authorities.

    1. I’m aware of the gal who runs a lot of church social media (including the prophets) and she is a young, hip, liberal.

  2. I am young at ❤️ at 56. I love how smart the young are now about navigating their faith. I love humor! Thanks for sharing your talents both of you!

  3. Fantastic episode! I’ve loved these recent social media spotlights. The young people are so refreshing and fun! Carah brings a wonderful perspective, with many unique aspects of her story. She’s so funny and delightful. She’s got another tictoc follower 🙂

  4. Cara – I know that you already know this but you absolutely ROCK! Your cool form of obvious rare intelligence mixed with your quick humor and life experience is such a valuable mix of women we need to help save lives in this weird upside-down world! I love your critical thinking and the clear thinking of how we are so reactive at the sound of the f word and yet not at all offended racism rhetoric! It makes “reason stare” as the Mormon hymn sings. I am old and don’t know the first thing about TicToc if that is the only way I can keep hearing you speak of life, truth, courage and your unique brand of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your bright star with us! Sail on!

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