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  1. John, I was so glad you asked Sam the masturbation question. First his response was such an excellent model to all about boundaries. We all have the right to say “no.” Sadly, the message received in many cultures, particularly by girls, is, “You better say ‘no’ at the right times. Otherwise, your answer should always be ‘yes,'” i.e. obeying authority and/or males.

    I also appreciated your question because it served to emphasize just how inappropriate this line of questioning is. And, yeah, if a bishop or anyone else in a position of authority gets to ask such questions, then it’s fair game to be asked them too.

    Well done, John. You’ve got guts. Many thanks to Sam, too. I signed the petition.

  2. Sam- Could not be prouder to sign !! It is amazing that this was ever aloud to happen on such a scale.
    This is a bad policy and another example of how lacking in transcend knowledge of human nature the Mormon church is. ” Fake Church , So Terrible ” : )
    John- Love hearing these stories, So glad I could help a little with my donations.

  3. I can relate to David’s part where his leaders ask him to name manes. After telling my mission president that I gave myself a tattoo, he demanded to know who my companion was at the time. made me so mad!

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