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  1. Over-emphasis on pioneer ancestry (‘pioneer stock’ elitism)
    Inefficiency in vicarious temple work (don’t multiple times for same persons)
    Always announcing new temples, when most existing ones aren’t been well used
    Claiming the poor will prosper in 3rd world countries if they pay tithing
    Using the priesthood to cast out devils
    Uber poor treatment of transgender individuals
    Counsel with your bishop to get a vasectomy
    Be judged for having an abortion
    Judging others based on appearance

  2. I do not know enough about this topic or even what these places were/are called The houses where they would send away the young pregnant Mormon teenage girls. Especially if the girl had gotten pregnant by a Bishop or Stake President or Higher Up GA’s son or close relative.

    They would make the girls stay there until they gave birth. Then the girls would be told that they had to sign papers to give their babies up for adoption. The girls were almost forced to do this. After that LDS Adoption Services would step and find a nice LDS family to adopt the baby.

    Have you ever done a Mormon Stories Episode with anyone that this happened to?

    I know that these Maternity houses are super secret and that their existence is hard to verify. I don’t even know what to call this so I am using the phrase “Maternity Houses”

  3. The teaching of free agency while totally brainwashing and gaslighting members to do as “expected”.

  4. Training children to bare testimonies for attention and cultural acceptance and then cursing them when they discover historical inaccuracies . Gaslighting future generations and outright telling them that the internet is no place to discover the truth the future of the lds church will be just as different as the current church is from the 1880 church obviously change is an eternal principle and truth is in the expression of a 3 year old progressing into a future general authority. If that isn’t brainwashing nothing is .

  5. Great list! There’s a typo on the 15th one down which reads:
    “Joseph Smith’s inability to actually verifiable translate anything authentic”
    where “verifiable” should be “verifiably.”

  6. Inflating membership numbers, making it unreasonably difficult to resign, and incentives for Bishops to not process resignations.

  7. First Vision wasn’t known by early members, but is so central to current doctrine and teachings for converts.

    In addition to trying to sell BofM copyright, early members were charged for patriarchal blessings.

    Drunkenness at Kirtland Temple dedication Angelic visitations were more likely hallucinations from drinking on empty stomachs

    Joseph Smith’s pattern of using exaltation as an enticement to follow doctrine, threats of damnation, coercion, and slander of people who crossed him. Sounds more like Satan’s plan of forcing people into action than Christ’s plan of agency

    Emma would be destroyed if she didn’t embrace polygamy: d&c 121:41

    Polygamy lies: “it was normal back then for girls under 16 to be married.” The census shows otherwise (average female age was 22) “Polygamy was to take care of the old and widowed,” when most polygamist wives and children lived in poverty. Or “there were more females than males.” Census clearly shows the opposite: more men than women lived at the time

    I was taught Joseph Smith was killed because of prejudice against the Mormons. But yet the reason he was in Carthage Jail was due to his Involvement in burning down William Law’s printing press (obviously illegal)

    Pressure on impoverished to pay tithing before food or rent. Especially when I learned the original revelation on tithing was 10% of their interest, after paying all living expenses. Pres. Snow also said “those who have means” should pay. So it really irks me to hear of the pressure put on elderly, 3rd world countries, etc to pay tithing.

    Tree of Life story is so similar to the dream Joseph Sr had.

    If Book of Mormon is the “most perfect book” why have there been so many alterations, and why are most of the unique gospel doctrines missing from its text?

  8. The removal from Primary manuals and the revisionist denials of the story of Mary Fielding Smith blessing her sick oxen herself by the laying on of hands because the leader of her wagon company refused to do it. My husband and I both remember this story, related to us in this way, at Church in the 70’s/80’s.

    This boils down to two issues: Women Exercising The Priesthood (including more in the past than they’re allowed to today) and How Women Are Selectively Portrayed in Church History to advance the Patriarchy’s agenda. (Mary Fielding Smith: good… Emma: bad)

    Nobody ever told me about how women administered priesthood blessings to each other in Nauvoo.

    Nobody ever informed me of how SWIFTLY Mary Fielding Smith remarried after Hyrum’s death, and to whom?! The lapdog to authority figures, Heber C Kimball, whom I was also never informed was BY’s right hand henchman. Pretty fishy stuff, if you ask me.

  9. Teaching tgat there is opposition in all things but also saying there is no sin and death in heaven.

    1. Post
  10. One more – as I member I always struggled with the idea that God was my “Father,” and had “unconditional love” for me, but yet, the God I was taught about was anything BUT unconditional. The list of requirements and to-do list in order to stay in his good graces and earn eternal life / Celestial kingdom was overwhelming. I never felt accepted or loved by the LDS God, nor did I feel any sort of unconditional love. I felt I was a constant disappointment.

  11. Book of Mormon coming from a stone in a hat – then Hirum Page being told in D&C 28:11 ‘But not from your stone’, you’re deceived by satan.

    Lucy’s diary relating how JS would give the “most amusing recitals” about Indian clothing, building, warfare, “religious worship as particularly as
    though he had spent his life with them” – in 1824 three years before getting the plates.

    Predicting his first born would be a son who would translate the BoM at 3 years of age. Son unfortunately died.

  12. Elder oaks at a fireside recording saying none of the 12 have seen Jesus. A lot of members, including myself, were taught they were “special witnesses” because they had seen the marks in his body and knew he was the Christ.

  13. LDS Church consistently denies the Strengthing Members Committee exists. This group inside LDS Inc. utilizes internet searches and algorithms to keep files on global members who are targeted as a threat. It then informs local leadership about these threats and then forces them to punish the members in question via interviews and courts of love. All of this is done in denial that HQ and their legal team at K&M are directing traffic. it is consistently made public to the press in high profile cases that these are local matters, placing all the pubic responsibility on local leadership, many who are not willing to carry out the demands of HQ to punish their friends.

  14. On the prior “podcast” you had a list of “heroes”. I was going to write in to make a list of non-heroes. As Greg Prince relates, there are not black hat and white hat individuals. However some are much more black hat. Those black hat people or events is what this new list is. To really learn and study Mormonism and can use the 2 lists to understand what has gone on behind the scenes. Fascinating how most active Mormons have no clue about these topics.

    Add to your self inflicted wounds list Bowring Woodbury and Alvin Dyer.
    Mission Presidents: like Philander Smartt (Puerto Rico), Lowell Robinson (Mexico), Polygamist Mission President Australia, Joseph Bishop (MTC)

    The hundreds of mission presidents (worldwide) who have mentally and spiritually abused thousands of LDS youth over the decades with their mission program and orthodoxy.

    I would recommend you place both of the lists in chronological order and that will help people look at lists better, compare and understand to learn the history and then the official reaction to their own mistakes.

  15. Double jeopardy with excommunication. One stake president says go in peace and another stake president holds a church court for the exact same thing and excommunicates my dad.

    My dad had an Emeritus General Authority, his dear friend come to help defend him in his church court and that didn’t help.

  16. Joseph Smith prophesying he would live to see the return of Christ.
    Joseph Smith prophesying that people lived on the moon who dressed like Quakers, were all 6 feet tall and lived to be 1,000 years old.
    (What did Christ say about detecting a false prophet? One false prophecy and they were not a prophet. There’s three already for Smith).
    Brigham Young prophesying that people lived on the sun (just wow) and that it got its light from Kolob. (LMFBO)!!!
    Smith ‘calling’ morally bankrupt and thoroughly corrupt individuals to be in the FP (e.g. – John C. Bennett)
    Smith plagiarizing several books to create the B of M.
    Mountain Meadows massacre.
    Changing what constitutes a full tithe 3 times.
    The ‘church’ buying up office high rises around the world, apartment complexes, land, real estate and other business ventures.
    $32 billion in the stock market
    $124 billion in one Ensign Peak Advisors account.

    And it goes on and on and on…
    And we call it a ‘church’.

  17. The succession crisis and the dubious historicity of Brigham Young’s claimed transfiguration into Joseph Smith.
    Allowing faith-promoting rumors to spread, while sitting on proof that they are false (Brigham Young foresaw invention of elevators and put shafts in SLC Temple)
    Teaching that Jesus Christ will not allow the prophets to lead the church astray.
    Inventing reasons for why people leave the church to cover up the real reasons. (Thomas Marsh and Milk Strippings, Symonds Ryder’s misspelled name)

  18. It just repulses me to see a list so long and detailed yet LDS Inc. has not been shut down or condemned for their fraud. Where is the humanity?

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