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  1. Just when I’m about to let myself get downtrodden, I listen to another MoSto podcast and I’m back in the game! Thanks a million John Dehlin 🙂

  2. Very enjoyable Mormon Stories! Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate every word of this presentation. Very Faith affirming.  

  3. John and Dan,  Great stuff, thank you!  John, your message about sharing with those close to us is important, thanks for your message and encouragement.  Tricky stuff for sure!
    Dan, you always touch a place in my heart with your approach.  These podcasts that speak with a positive tone are so very valuable to me!

  4. I have never been a true/traditional believer of religion, despite being a Catholic who went to Catholic school for most of my life.  I honestly wonder what that feeling is like.  It’s not envy, it is itching curiosity.   Just a reflection after listening to John describe his childhood faith.  That stuff packed a punch.  

  5. I enjoyed the podcast, and like the discussion about the importance of sharing who you are with other people. However, I was a bit disappointed that there was so little about HOW to discuss those things with friends and family members. Maybe I just didn’t listen close enough. 

  6. John,
    Can someone present for Scrupulosity with only avoidance behaviors (never pray, read scriptures, attend temple, etc.)? 

  7. Wouldn’t it be easier if the church corporation published a mormonad with a picture of Elder Jack Nicholson saying : My dear brothers and sisters , You can’t handle the truth!

  8. great stuff. I am in need of this now as my mom blindsided me with a direct question which made it so I had to come clean about how I no longer believe. It’s been pretty rocky these past few weeks and I know that things will not be the same…but I have hope that space left over from our lost religious connection will be replaced by a new and more authentic relationship. 

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