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  1. John,
    How do I register for the June 7 conference? I will be out in Salt Lake June 6th for my granddaughter’s wedding in the Draper Temple. I will not be going in, of course, BUT I am extending my trip to come to your conference. What time does it start and where is being held and what time does it end. How to register and the fee?
    Please give me the details so I can change my flight times back to St. Louis as soon as possible.
    Thank you for all your interviews and bringing ex Mormon believers a place to go and know that others have had the scales lifted from their eyes too!
    Thank you,
    Lynn Storey

  2. I am interested in the April 12-13 mixed-faith workshop in SLC. I have some questions about it before I register. To whom should I direct those questions?

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