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  1. Thank you so much for all of your hard work . I know it’s a huge labor of love and at 53 years old having went through a difficult last 6 months with my faith crisis, I’m so thankful this podcast was a safe place to fall.

  2. I’d like to point out something with regard to the hate and T*TS and blowback you get for your place in the Mormon/Post-Mormon (or whatever) dynamic.

    When I was a kid, members who were confronted with Joseph Smith’s polygamy could just say it didn’t happen. This is how I didn’t know this was true until on my mission–and what a feeling that was… a critical step in where I am today.

    These days ostrich-heading and denial of the problems with Mormon history (and present, at least sometimes) is no longer possible. So the only move Mormon critics of critics have left is coming after you and others in this space, John and Carah.

    They could address Brigham Young’s unimaginable racism, but what ground is there to carve out there? So instead they’ll do a bit on Bill Reel as a pervert.

    They could talk about Joseph Smith deceiving his wife, but he’s second only to Jesus in serving God’s purposes, so that’s not a great place to shine even the most flattering light. So instead there are 8 hours of T*TS on YouTube (by the way, these three guys are paid–or were at least) discussing John Dehlin as a disingenuous, money-seeking charlatan–and somehow all that irony is lost in defending a treasure digger’s church.

    Culture Wars are the only engagements a Daniel Peterson or a Kwaku El have any chance in any more, because the winner is entirely subjective. They have to lean in to being victims and creating righteous indignation. It’s the only place to find traction for them anymore. It’s certainly easier and more gratifying than defending, say, Mormon beliefs and policies for the LGBT+ in 2022. This sucks for you guys, and is exponentially exacerbated by how effing high the stakes are that Mormonism creates for families.

    You guys are doing good. Doing well and doing good. Keep going.

  3. Here in OR I am not privy to the drama. Sorry that you are dealing with that. Know that your work is appreciated by thousands–Keep up the good work!

    On a related note, my wife has expressed that she would be uncomfortable attending a Thrive event because of the potential for religiously inspired Danite type violence.

    Crazy times.

  4. People really need to understand that none of this would be needed if the Mormon religion would have been honest, upright, and direct in what really happened from the start.

    When people leave the faith, members blame them as sinful, lazy, or (insert insult here) when the truth is that the church lied to us, and we became very tired of them dodging the obvious problems.

    They can deny having the seer stone when they really had it. They can claim Smith used the plates, when he used the seer stone, and they can get very defensive when we bring up ugly questions, but still, they see it as a defect in ourselves when we can no longer support “their” lack of honesty, They wonder why people leave when they very well know that people aren’t stupid and don’t like being lied to.

    Want to keep people in the church? Then answer the questions honestly. The answers are easy: Yes, No or We Don’t Know. But stop giving us the runaround and maybe then we will listen to you again.

    One more thing: Look at how mean and/unlawful so many of the believers of the religion can be. They take down websites that reveal church flaws. They make death threats. They act like thugs against Mormon Stories, and lose all credibility as Christians. What I found in the church is that many of the members were very unchristian when it served their need.

    Mormon church: Come clean and stop white washing your religion if you want to keep us from leaving. Stop the stupid essays that walk up to the dark parts and back off with deceptive theories and nonsense.

    Keep going Mormon Stories. Tell us more of the truth. We sure can’t get it from the church, so we continue to get the facts from you.

    For me, the church has lost all credibility. If it is true, then it needs to do a better job of explaining the dark underbelly problems of the religion.

  5. If you want to open peoples eyes, keep the potty mouth to a minimum. Slot of LDS might not even listen otherwise. Other than that, it’s good info.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I really think exmos need to realize that just because they “can” now use foul language (no longer controlled by a self righteous parental organization), doesn’t mean they should. My concern is that curious believers are going to hear and/or read the crude language and think “Yep, just what we’ve always been told. Exmos are lowlifes that can’t live Mormonisms high standards of personal conduct”.

  6. Don’t expect reason to prevail from your critics. Confirmation bias will never allow for that. Just keep giving us the fact as you find them and the consequences arising out of those facts. When you are not completely certain of a given fact. Just say so. Those that threaten and smear critics are not living their religion because though I no longer follow it, honesty demands that I admit that it does generally teaches its people to act decently to others, even those that hold contrary views to its truth claims.

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