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  1. John, all great stuff.

    I have another idea about the donations. You can do a membership. People can have unlimited access to the site for $5/mo. That will put you through school, and it will make sure you get what your work is worth. This is all very healing material, John, and I’m afraid you aren’t receiving NEARLY as much as you are giving. There needs to be a balance in all things, if we want you to keep doing this. So a few things on the site can be free, but for most of the material, a monthly fee can be in place. Look at drnorthrup.com. It’s exhausting and draining and uncertain to depend on donations and to have to be asking all the time. And for those of us who are already donating, it makes us want to give even more, because others aren’t giving, just to make sure you keep doing this. And that can be pressure. I also prefer to give one payment of $100 rather than a monthly $10. Easier to keep track of expenses. Anyway, I think the membership model may be a good way to go.

    I also think 3 interviews a month is PLENTY… Or even 2… It doesn’t have to be weekly for it to be incredibly helpful and inspiring.

    Bless you and thank you for all you do.

  2. sounds like exciting things are going to happen here lol…wish u the best luck.

    im reaserch on the posibility of supporting u financially john, as ive found ur podcast to be a great blessing in my life. but if i cant, i would like to offer my time and talents to help the podcast, im studying software engeenering at the moment.

    if u need any help i would be most glad to be of service.

    may God bless u in all u do, and good luck with ur Ph.D ^_^

  3. If MS became a pay service, I think its listenership would take a hit. I like the model of soliciting voluntary donations and supplementing them with occasional workshops or social events like the ones in August. I think you could probably charge for the social events. You could even hold a fundraising dinner.

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