141-142: Staying in the LDS Church after a Crisis of Faith: StayLDS.com Co-Founder Brian Johnston

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This is a 2-part interview with Brian Johnston, co-founder of StayLDS.com.  In this series Brian discusses staying in the LDS Church after a crisis of faith.

123-125: What to do when your husband loses his LDS testimony – Jacque and Eric

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In this series I interview Jacque — a faithful, believing LDS church member whose husband lost his LDS testimony last year. Episode 1: Jacque discusses her husband’s loss of  testimony, …

114: Mormon Expression Interviews John Dehlin

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In this episode, the good guys from Mormon Expression podcast Interview John Dehlin. This recording was published on August 11, 2009, and is re-published here courtesy of John Larsen.

109: How to Stay in the LDS Church after Losing Your Faith

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In this seminar (recorded live at the 2007 Northwest Sunstone Symposium in Seattle), I discuss techniques for staying in the LDS church after a major trial of faith. Additional links …

108: The Best Articulation of My Own Mormon Testimony That I’ve Ever Found — Elbert Peck and “Remnants of His Faith”

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In the 1995 Salt Lake Sunstone symposium, Elbert Peck spoke in the annual “Pillars of my faith” presentation about the “Remnants of his faith.” This presentation represents (to me) the …

101-103: Dr. Ted Lyon on LDS Church Change, Latin American Missions, LDS Membership Statistics, and Thoughtful Faith

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Dr. Ted Lyon has served as a BYU Professor, LDS Mission President, LDS MTC President, and is currently serving as the LDS temple president in Santiago, Chile. He is both …

073: Spirituality of the Rising LDS Generation Pt. 5 — “Re-evaluation”: An interview with BYU student David Lassetter

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In part 5 of our series we interview BYU student David Lassetter. David was raised in a home very well-versed in Mormon Studies (Dialogue and Sunstones abounding), and seems to …

054: Nate Oman — On Messiness, Harvard, the Bloggernacle, and Thoughtful Faith

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Chances are, you’ve never heard of Nate Oman. Nevertheless — Nate is a Mormon worth knowing. Born to Sunstone and Dialogue – style parents, Nate was raised to expect “messiness” …