027-029: My (John Dehlin’s) Story

John Dehlin Church History, LGBTQ, Mormon Doctrine, Polygamy, Top 13 John Dehlin 25 Comments

At least once each week a listener will ask me (John Dehlin) about my testimony of the LDS Church. Liberals or ex-Mormons sometimes call me an apologist. A few conservatives …

010-011: Finding our Way Back Home

John Dehlin Church History, Mormon Culture, Mormon Doctrine, Polygamy 11 Comments

Over the past few months, I’ve developed a friendship with several members of the LDS “Bloggernacle”–including a young couple known as “Serenity Valley” and “Roasted Tomatoes”. This wife/husband pair live …

005: Masonry and Mormonism, an Interview with Greg Kearney

John Dehlin Church History, Freemasonry, Joseph Smith 41 Comments

Last night I recorded a super duper interesting podcast with Greg Kearney–a lifelong, multi-generational Mormon and Master Mason. In this podcast he discusses the history of Masonry, how it became …

003: Inside the Mind of an “Anti-Mormon”

John Dehlin Ex-Mormon Stories 21 Comments

Today we interview a young man named Hyrum, founder of the thechurchisnottrue.com web site. In this interview, Hyrum tells his story of why he left the Mormon church.