1282-1286: Kalin Orgill Organ – Losing and Finding One’s Self in Search of Truth

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Periodically on Mormon Stories Podcast I try to interview “normal” or everyday Mormons about their faith journey – and in every case these “normal” Mormons turn out to be extraordinarily …

762-764: Natasha Helfer Parker – Mormon Sex Therapist

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In this three-part series on Mormon Stories, we interview the fabulous Natasha Helfer Parker, MFT, CST — host of Mormon Mental Health podcast — to finally hear her “Mormon story.” This interview covers: …

624: Kate Kelly on Life After Excommunication, Safe Sex, and Women’s Reproductive Rights

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In this Mormon Stories Live! episode recorded at Club/Cafe at 50 West on March 9, 2016, I interviewed Kate Kelly about the following: Life since her excommunication, including her divorce …

408-411: Brett Bradshaw – Gay Marriage and Fatherhood

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On this historic day when the United States Supreme Court is considering the legality of gay marriage, we share with you our interview with Brett Bradshaw.  Brett is the son …

402-405: Brian C. Hales – Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

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Part 1: Dr. Brian C. Hales refutes Grant Palmer’s podcast and article on sexual allegations against Joseph Smith. Click here to obtain the PowerPoint presentation for this podcast. Click here to listen to …

362: Overcoming Pornography Addiction

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In this episode, Tony discusses his approach for overcoming pornography addiction within a Mormon paradigm.

280: How to Have Better Sex in Your Mormon Marriage

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In today’s episode Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife joins Natasha Helfer Parker (the Mormon therapist) and John Dehlin to discuss…..sex: specifically, how to have a better sex life in your Mormon Marriage. …

245: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex and Marriage in Mormonism

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In this episode Natasha Parker and John Dehlin interview Dr. Stephanie Buehler — a prominent sex therapist from California, founder of the Buehler institute, and author of the book: Sex, …

244: Sex and Immigration (Mormon Matters Podcast Re-Launch)

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In this re-launching of Mormon Matters podcast, Dan Wotherspoon leads a panel consisting of Joanna Brooks, Heather Olson-Beal and John Dehlin to discuss: Sex Nicole Hardy’s NY Times piece entitled: Single, Female, Mormon, …

214-216: LDS Female Sexuality with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

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In this episode, Natasha Helfer Parker interviews Dr. Jennifer Finlayson- Fife, a psychotherapist on issues surrounding female sexuality and feminism within the LDS framework. Dr. Fife holds a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from …