658-660: Dr. Greg Prince – The Life of a Faithful Mormon Scientist and Historian

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Dr. Greg Prince is best known within Mormonism as the author of three books: – Power from on High: The Development of Mormon Priesthood – David O. McKay and the …

338-342: The Psychology of Religion with Dr. James Nagel

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In this 5 part series with accompanying visuals, Dr. James Nagel (also known as AntiCitizenX) discusses the psychology of religious belief. Videos and PowerPoints available below, and are highly recommended.

222-227: Understanding Atheism after Mormonism

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In this multi-part interview, Dan Wotherspoon interviews Tyson Jacobsen and Randy Snyder about their transition from devout Mormonism to atheism.

209-213: Dr. William Bradshaw: A Life of Science, Service, and Compassion.

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In this episode, John Dehlin interviews one of his former professors and mentors, Dr. William Bradshaw, on a wide variety of topics. Dr. Bradshaw has just recently retired from a …

160-162: Dr. David Bailey on Science and the LDS Church, and How Science Has Strengthened his Faith in God and the Church

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Some say that science and religion are at odds. Dr. David Bailey would disagree. Dr. Bailey is a graduate of Stanford University with a Ph.D. in mathematics. He currently works …