1298-1307: Mormon Faith Crisis Retreat

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Twenty-ish years ago I began trying to support Mormons in faith crisis.  Fifteen-ish years ago I began collaborating with Marriage/Family/Sex Therapist Natasha Helfer Parker to provide structured workshops to Mormons …

858-859: Spiral Dynamics and Mormonism

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Spiral Dynamics is a data-based, psychological theory of how human consciousness changes the world, and explains how people come to very different conclusions while having access to the same information. …

566: Psychologist Dr. Scott Miller on Missions, Mormon Transitions, and Thriving After Mormonism

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In this episode we interview Dr. Scott Miller.  Aside from being a world-renowned psychologist, Scott recently penned a fabulous book about his mission experience to Sweden in the 1970s.  The …

389-391: Top 10 Mormon Mental Health Issues

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In this 3-part interview with Natasha Helfer Parker we launch a new podcast initiative called “Mormon Mental Health.”  For this episode we discuss the top 10 (or 11) mental health issues …

338-342: The Psychology of Religion with Dr. James Nagel

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In this 5 part series with accompanying visuals, Dr. James Nagel (also known as AntiCitizenX) discusses the psychology of religious belief. Videos and PowerPoints available below, and are highly recommended.

328: Three Powerful Stories about Having Difficult Mormon Conversations with Family

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Three Powerful Stories about Having Difficult Mormon Conversations with Family.

327: Having the Difficult Conversations about Mormonism with Family, Friends and Community Members

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This episode was recorded as part of the January 2012 Mormon Stories regional conference held in Houston, Texas dedicated to the topic of “Maintaining Positive Relationships Through Empathy and Dialogue.” In part 1 John Dehlin talks about the costs and benefits of having difficult conversations about Mormonism with family and friends. In part 2, Dan Wotherspoon delivers a presentation called: “Make Love AND War!: Maintaining Positive Relationships During Faith Transitions—A Spiritual Framing.”

288: Treating Depression in Mormon Culture

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Natasha Helfer Parker (the Mormon Therapist) interviews Dr. Christopher Helfer and Dr. Vicki Winkle, two 4-year residents at the University of Utah in the psychiatric program, regarding depression. Both were …

280: How to Have Better Sex in Your Mormon Marriage

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In today’s episode Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife joins Natasha Helfer Parker (the Mormon therapist) and John Dehlin to discuss…..sex: specifically, how to have a better sex life in your Mormon Marriage. …

253: The LDS Church and Mental Health with Dr. David Christian

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On March 26, 2011 we held our first Mormon Stories regional retreat/conference in New York City.  This presentation on the LDS Church and mental health was given by psychologist Dr. …

229-230: Understanding Scrupulosity Within the LDS Church

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Today we interview an LDS man who suffered from a psychological disorder known as Scrupulosity — which is defined as religious- or moral-based Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD affects millions of …