1380: Belief After the CES Letter – Feminism, Sexuality, Worthiness Interviews, Abuse, and Excommunication – Jim Bennett Pt. 4

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Jim Bennett is the author of “A Faithful Reply to the CES Letter.”  He is also the son of the late Utah U.S. Senator Bob Bennett. In Part 4 of …

1348: Surviving the LDS Church’s 12-Step Pornography “Addiction” Program (Dawna and Nik Berry)

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Was your marriage destroyed, or almost destroyed by the LDS Church’s 12-step program for pornography “addiction”? Join us today as we sit down with Nik and Dawna Berry to discuss …

362: Overcoming Pornography Addiction

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In this episode, Tony discusses his approach for overcoming pornography addiction within a Mormon paradigm.

245: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex and Marriage in Mormonism

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In this episode Natasha Parker and John Dehlin interview Dr. Stephanie Buehler — a prominent sex therapist from California, founder of the Buehler institute, and author of the book: Sex, …