646: Missionaries Pt. 4: Tre Shortland – Tormented over “Self Abuse”, Disillusioned by Uninspired Mission Leadership

John Dehlin Ex-Mormon Stories, Missionary Work 79 Comments

Tre Shortland was raised in Oakland, CA as a bi-racial Mormon (Filipino mother and New Zealander/Maori father). While he was very committed doctrinally to Mormonism, he was not crazy about Mormon …

362: Overcoming Pornography Addiction

John Dehlin Addiction, Marriage & Family, Sexuality 65 Comments

In this episode, Tony discusses his approach for overcoming pornography addiction within a Mormon paradigm.

280: How to Have Better Sex in Your Mormon Marriage

John Dehlin Marriage & Family, Sexuality, Top 8 Sexuality 56 Comments

In today’s episode Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife joins Natasha Helfer Parker (the Mormon therapist) and John Dehlin to discuss…..sex: specifically, how to have a better sex life in your Mormon Marriage. …

245: Pornography, Masturbation, Sex and Marriage in Mormonism

John Dehlin Marriage & Family, Sexuality, Top 8 Sexuality 209 Comments

In this episode Natasha Parker and John Dehlin interview Dr. Stephanie Buehler — a prominent sex therapist from California, founder of the Buehler institute, and author of the book: Sex, …