812-814: Wealth and Corporate Power – D. Michael Quinn

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These episodes of Mormon Stories include a recording of our live interview on 10/23/17 with renowned author, Dr. D. Michael Quinn, author of the final volume of the “Mormon Hierarchy” …

BONUS: M. Russell Ballard Regional Broadcast – 9-11-2016

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M. Russell Ballard Regional Broadcast – 9-11-2016. Audio below.

588-589: Laura Roper Andreasen – Granddaughter of LDS Apostle M. Russell Ballard

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Laura Roper Andreasen is the granddaughter of LDS Apostle M. Russell Ballard.  Recently Laura resigned her membership in the LDS Church after struggling unsuccessfully for decades to find happiness and health as …

Extra: Elder Ballard’s 9/13/2015 Utah South Area Talk

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An audio recording of Elder Ballard’s 9/13/2015 Utah South Area Talk. The text of this talk can be found here. Media coverage of the talk can be found here. Some concerns …

Bonus: “The Boise Rescue” – Elder Oaks and Richard Turley Speak in Boise on June 13th, 2015

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Below you will find an audio recording of a meeting held June 13th, 2015 — which some are calling the “Boise Rescue.”  During this three-stake meeting in Boise, Idaho, Elder …