624: Kate Kelly on Life After Excommunication, Safe Sex, and Women’s Reproductive Rights

John Dehlin Excommunication, Sexuality, Women & Feminism 56 Comments

In this Mormon Stories Live! episode recorded at Club/Cafe at 50 West on March 9, 2016, I interviewed Kate Kelly about the following: Life since her excommunication, including her divorce …

491-492: Mara and Danny Kofoed — A Blog About Love

Mormon Stories Admin Faith Promoting Stories, Marriage & Family, Progressive Mormonism 55 Comments

Since 2011, Mara and Danny Kofoed have been blogging about their positive approaches to life, even in the face of sometimes heartbreaking circumstances such as infidelity, divorce, and infertility.  A Blog …

164-167: Richard Packham and How the LDS Church Creates Unnecessary Enemies

John Dehlin Church History, Ex-Mormon Stories 63 Comments

(Note: Segment 3 of this interview has been removed from the podcast feed — out of respect for the family members involved, and due to legal and other concerns). In …

157-159: How to Improve Your Marriage After One of You Loses Their Testimony

John Dehlin Ex-Mormon Stories, Marriage & Family, Mixed-Faith Marriages, Women & Feminism 27 Comments

In this 3-part series, Dan and Laurie Gallagher discuss Laurie’s loss of faith in the LDS Church (while Dan remains a believer), and how that led to an actual strengthening …

154-156: An LDS Family Discusses Their Divorce

John Dehlin Marriage & Family 34 Comments

In this three-part episode, long-time listener Glenn brings on his divorced parents and fellow siblings to discuss their family’s divorce from an LDS perspective.