821-823: Mormon Leaders and Inappropriate Interviews Regarding Sexuality Parts 1-3

Mormon Stories Current Events, Disciplinary Councils, Sexuality 38 Comments

Beginning our series on Mormon leaders and inappropriate interviews regarding sexuality, we provide 6 mini-interviews with Mormon Stories listeners who share their experiences discussing sexual matters with LDS leaders.  A …

758: Staying Active in the Mormon Church as a semi- or non-believer

Mormon Stories Marriage & Family, Mormon Transitions, Progressive Mormonism 11 Comments

In this episode of Mormon Stories and Mormon Transitions, John and Margi reflect back on their 13 years of experience as semi- and non-believers and provide their advice on how …

684-686: Margi Dehlin’s Mormon Transition

John Dehlin Excommunication, Faith Promoting Stories, Marriage & Family, Top 100, Top Mormon Faith Crisis Stories 76 Comments

I am incredibly pleased to interview my dear wife of 23 years, Margaret (Margi) Weber Dehlin. In this three-part interview, I ask Margi a series of 46 questions focusing on thee parts: …

584: RadioWest Discussion of The New LDS Church Policy on Same-Sex Families

John Dehlin LGBTQ, Marriage & Family, Top 25 LGBT 29 Comments

News broke last week that the LDS Church was adopting new policies aimed at married same-sex couples and their children. Mormons in a same-sex marriage will now be considered apostates …

583: Changes to LDS Policy Regarding Same-Gender Relationships and Children

John Dehlin Excommunication, LGBTQ, Marriage & Family 92 Comments

In this episode we discuss the recent changes to LDS Handbook 1 regarding LGBT members who enter into same-gender relationships, and their children.  Panelists include Natasha Helfer Parker, Dr. Kristy …

330: Raising Children in a Mixed-Faith Mormon Home

John Dehlin Conference Audio, Faith Promoting Stories, Marriage & Family 6 Comments

This episode was recorded as part of the January 2012 Mormon Stories regional conference held in Houston, Texas dedicated to the topic of “Maintaining Positive Relationships Through Empathy and Dialogue.” Panel participants include Heather Olson-Beal, Brent Beal, Anne McMullin Peffer, Jacob Brown, and John Dehlin.